New Dodge Demon dominates competition

It’s here, The 2023 Dodge Demon Challenger SRT 170. According to Stellantis, the final vehicle in the “Last Call” series of Dodge’s muscle cars. This series consists of several forms of the Challenger and Charger. It has their most memorable highlights, such as the Black Ghost or the King Daytona. Since founded in December of 1900, they have packed their muscle cars with power. This new Demon has 1,025 horsepower and makes for an 8.91-second quarter-mile.

The “Last Call” series by Dodge is an instant classic series of cars. The seven cars in the lineup include the most historic forms of the muscle car duo. The Challengers consist of the Scat Pack Shakedown and Stinger, the Black Ghost, and the Demon 170. The Chargers include the Scat Pack Stinger, the Super Bee, and the King Daytona.

Dodge Demon 170 beat the world record for the fastest production car.

According to PR News Wire, the Dodge Demon is now the quickest production car on the market. The Demon has a 0-60 time of 1.66 and has the highest g-force acceleration out of any production car. The former record was held by the Tesla Model S Plaid.

Not only does it shatter the 0-60 record for production cars at 1.66 seconds, but it sounds the best too. The sound of the Dodge Demon firing up is a very satisfying noise and is a true experience.

Dodge’s electric cars following the Demon.

We have seen Dodge’s gravitation to electric cars recently. We see this with Dodge’s recent announcement with the Hornet. This car is pure electric and is currently undergoing production. However, its release date is unknown, but Dodge saying sometime later in 2023.

I don’t think switching to electric is a good idea for Dodge. Their brand is infamous for hardcore muscle, gas-guzzling machines. My prediction is that their sales will tank, and it’s not long before we see new gas-powered cars from Dodge. They have left a huge impact on the car community, and the V8 likely will not rest easy.

The unveiling of the Demon.

On March 25 at Las Vegas Motor Speedway, we saw the Demon showcase its skills. Dodge went over the top for their finale, airlifting the Demon in with an attack helicopter. Over 10,000 people packed the stands to see the Demon’s unrelenting power. According to Eric Tingwall, writer for Motor Trend, the Demon is “a 1,025-hp street-legal drag racer that rolls out of the factory with the claimed ability to rip off a 1.66-second 0-60 time and an 8.91-second quarter mile at 151.2 mph on a prepped dragstrip.”

This is the most intriguing vehicle Dodge has ever released. No other vehicle series has had such a grand opening with such an impressive finale. This car represents decades of speed, power, and Dodge’s love for cars and car lovers alike. With an electric future, the only thing left to do is wait. Dodge’s next revolutionary idea is only waiting to hit the pavement and burn some rubber.