2017-2018 Staff

Skyla Plant

Staff Writer

Skyla Plant is a Senior at Jenison High School. She loves Fall and Christmas. She also loves spending time with her family and friends. She enjoys her animals, music and spending her time outdoors.

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Staff Writer

Vincent VanderLaan is a senior at Jenison High School. He also attends the tech center where he learns about diesel mechanics. Vinny loves spending time with his friends after school. He does not have any extra curricular activities,...

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Jayce Eckert

Staff Writer

Jayce is a very outgoing boy. He likes to long board very often. If not doing that, he is driving around finding new places to hangout and explore. When exploring, if he finds a lake or pond, he will attempt at some point to fish...

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Colton Taylor

Staff Writer

Colton Taylor is a senior at Jenison High School. Colton likes listening to music, making money, and hanging out with his friends. He also likes to play xbox and jump on trampolines. You could find Colton working at Rebounderz.

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Spencer Gilder

Staff Writer

My name is Spencer Gilder. I am a senior at Jenison High School. I play on the Jenison varsity football team. I enjoy fishing, going camping and hanging out with friends.

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caleb sawyer

staff writer

I am Caleb Sawyer. I'm in 11th grade. I attend Career-line Tech Center for building trades. I build and repair houses for a living. I also have two more jobs. My life consists of work, school, sleep, and occasionally time to spend...

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Tristin Weatherford

Staff Writer

Tristin Weatherford is a senior at Jenison High School.  Tristin has 1 brother and 1 dog.  He enjoys fishing and hanging out with his friends.  Tristin also likes to listen to music.

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Ethan Aniszko

Staff writer

Ethan Aniszko is a senior at Jenison High School. He loves the outdoors, loves to fish, hunt, and hike. His interests are history and movies.

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Jillian Bowen

Staff Writer

Jillian Bowen is a freshman at Jenison High School. She is in the Jenison Marching Band as a color guard member. In her free time, she enjoys reading new books, writing, drawing, and sleeping.

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Staff Writer

Madelyn Schab is a Freshman at Jenison High School. She plays flute in the Jenison Marching band. She also love to perform on stage in musicals and plays. She loves to write and spend time with family and friends.

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Amara Johnson

Staff Writer

Amara Johnson is a senior at Jenison High School. She does Cross Country and is also taking AP European History and AP Psychology this year. Her interests include drawing, hanging out with friends, working, and listening to music.

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Emma Elders

Staff Writer

Emma Elders is currently a freshman at the Jenison High School.  She is a part of the Jenison Varsity Sideline Cheer team.  Some activities she enjoys doing are cheer, swimming, and playing with her bunny (named Sugar).  Emma...

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Elizabeth Hillary


Elizabeth is a Senior. She likes photography and using Photoshop to enhance her pictures.

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Preston Fawcett

Staff Writer

Preston Fawcett is an extravagant young author that loves his school. He is in the 12th grade and loves baseball, soccer, and cross country. Some of his interests include finding new spots to hangout, going to hammock with friends,...

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Mitchell Pettit

Staff Writer

Mitchell Pettit is a senior at Jenison High School. Mitchell has 3 other siblings that go to Jenison Public Schools. He likes to hunt and fish in his free time. He is 17 and he enjoys traveling.

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Jackson Schuiling

Staff Writer

Jackson Schuiling is in 9th grade. He has no after school activities. He likes to read and play video games. He takes Honors English 9 and is in his third year of french.

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Amanda John

Staff Writer

Amanda John is a senior at Jenison High School who has attended Jension since the seventh grade. Before she moved to Jenison, Amanda lived in Grandville, Cedar Springs, Wyoming and Grand Rapids. In her free time, she enjoys attending...

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Clayton Strick

Staff Writer

12th grader Clayton Strick is a football player at Jenison High School. His interests include being in the Army National Guard, being with family, and working on his cars.

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Sabrina Tomasello

Staff Writer

Sabrina is a senior here at Jenison High School. She loves to travel, take naps, play soccer and go on random adventures with friends. She has a miniature pinscher chihuahua mix named Bowbee.

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Aubrey Wrubel

Staff Writer

Aubrey Wrubel is junior at Jenison High School. She is involved in volleyball and is a third year varsity starter. Aubrey's interests include drawing, writing, being with friends, and being active as much as she can. She loves...

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Ethan Vandesteeg

Staff Writer

This is Ethan VandeSteeg. He is in 11th grade and he plays hockey for Jenison.  Ethan likes to camp, fish, hangout with friends and play hockey.

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Max Zuber

Staff Writer

Max Zuber is a junior at Jenison High School. Max is a member of Jenison's cross country and long distance track team. He is also a member of the set crew for the Jenison spring musical. Max's interests include running, reading,...

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Cierra Austin

Staff writer

Currently a junior at Jenison High School, Cierra loves being outside and in the sun with her friends and family. Also, she loves to sing with her 2 sisters who can sing as well.

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Danielle Coomer

Staff Writer

Danielle Coomer is a current senior at Jenison High School. Her favorite subject is math, and she loves volunteering to make a difference. Danielle is in her last year of orchestra but retiring once she is done with high school. ...

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Grayson Hartwell

Staff Writer

Grayson Hartwell, an 11th grade boy from Jenison High Schoo,l enjoys school and spending time in the outdoors. On his free time he likes to fish, hunt, camp. In school, he enjoys mathematics and science.

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Anthony Mollica

Staff Writer

Anthony Mollica is a junior that attends JHS and is involved in three different sports: hockey, tennis, and golf. He plays them all for the school. Anthony enjoys the summer and hanging out with friends in his free time. He is...

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Megan Ball

Staff Writer

Megan is a sophomore here at Jenison High School. She is involved in dance and has been for eight years. Exploring, shopping, being with friends, and photography are some of her favorite things to do. She likes English and plans...

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Alex Krombeen

Staff Writer

Alex Krombeen is a senior at Jenison High School. He plays football during the fall and baseball during the spring. Alex enjoys watching football, playing basketball, and hanging out with friends.

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Mitch Hawkes

Staff Writer

Mitch Hawkes is a senior at JHS.  Activities he is involved in are football and wrestling.  He is interested in sports, swimming, and fishing, and hanging out with friends.

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Bailey Sprick

Staff Writer

Bailey Sprick is a sophomore at the Jenison High School. Bailey enjoys playing indoor soccer at Soccer Zone; she has been playing there for 4 years. She plays soccer for school as well. Bailey participated in Friendship Club...

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Dan VanOpstall

Staff Writer

Dan VanOpstall is a Senior at Jenison High School. He plays football and wrestles heavyweight on the varsity wrestling team. His interests include euchre, training for the next sports season, and cooking meals. He is pursuing...

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Auby Ilkanic

Staff Writer

Aubry is currently a senior. In her free time she enjoys playing violin, working on the costume crew for the theater and attending youth group events. When she is not doing any of her favorite activities or hobbies, she is busy...

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Tanner Pratt

Staff Writer

Tanner Pratt, a senior at Jenison High School who enjoys baseball and weight lifting. He likes to socialize with his friends and tries to make friends with the foreign exchange students.

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Erin McKinnon

Staff Writer

Erin McKinnon is a sophomore at the Jenison high school.  She is involved in different sports like tennis, golf, and lacrosse.  She additionally plays basketball in her free time and plays the piano.  She enjoys fishing and...

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Jake Seelinger

Staff Writer

Jake Seelinger is a senior and is involved in basketball and golf at the high school. He is interested in fishing and being outdoors with his friends. Jake has one younger sister in 11th grade.

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Evelyn Schab

Staff Writer

Evelyn Schab is a currently a freshman at Jenison High School.  Evelyn is a member of the Jenison Marching Band.  She plays the trumpet and is very dedicated to her music.  She loves to hang out with her friends and her lovely...

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Derryk Vanderjagt

Staff Writer

Derryk Vanderjagt is a senior at Jenison High School. He is involved in the varsity baseball program at his school and plays a utility role for the team. Outside activities include taking Advanced Placement classes and a dual...

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Jacob Boonyasith

Staff Writer

Jacob Boonyasith is a senior at Jenison High School. He plays basketball a lot in his free time. He is interested in things like combat sports and music. He has a sister in tenth grade who also plays basketball. Jacob looks forward...

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Karlee Brower

Staff Writer

Karlee is a senior and is a part of the varsity tennis team. She enjoys traveling, watching Netflix, hanging out with friends and spending time with her family. Karlee really likes dogs as well!

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Kira Brower

Staff Writer

Kira Brower is a sophomore at Jenison High School. She enjoys playing tennis and golf. She also enjoys hanging out with friends. Her favorite thing to do is travel to new places.

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Kyle Bohlinger

Staff Writer

Jenison junior, musician, and author.

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Connor Baarda

Staff Writer

Connor Baarda is a senior at the JHS. He likes disc golfing, doing things with animals, learning, arguing about politics and looking at non-normie memes. His favorite school subjects are social studies and science.

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Chris Gadbois

Staff Writer

Chris Gadbois is in 12th grade at Jenison High School. He plays football for the Wildcats. His hobbies include playing and watching sports, being with friends, and fishing. He wants to go to college, specifically Michigan State...

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Morgen Mooney

Staff Writer

Morgen Mooney is a junior at Jenison High school. She enjoys yearbook and science. She also enjoys playing basketball and spending time with her friends and family.

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Bryce Eaton

Staff Writer

Bryce Eaton is currently a senior at Jenison High School.  His hobbies include water skiing, fishing, tubing, and soccer.  He is involved in a few activities which include indoor soccer, and golf.

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Matt Wellman

Staff Writer

Matt Wellman is a sophomore at Jenison High School. Matt plays soccer for Jenison and likes to travel with his family. He also enjoys to watch sporting events and hanging out with his friends.

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