Schools should start later



Schools don’t have to start later every day. A possibility is schools start later on only certain days of the week. That said, events happening on the weekends makes students want to get more sleep. A suggestion is on Mondays at least we should start school later. So students get a little more sleep and catch up on the sleep they might have lost on the weekend.


Students should be able to start school later to get more sleep. Students will argue getting more sleep will help the focus in school. They say getting more sleep on school days will help them stay focused longer and try better in school.

Anayat Durrani, a contributor writer of the U.S. News says “Teens who reported they got at least eight hours of sleep per night were more likely to say they have good overall health and less likely to report being depressed or using caffeine and other substances.

Others say sleep has nothing to do with it. More sleep or any sleep will not help with focus.

Attendance and Tardiness

If schools start later it will also help attendance and tardiness big time. Students are so tired in the morning that they decide not to come to school. If school started later the students would actually have the energy to get up. They would have gotten more sleep, so they would actually go to school.

Anayat Durrani says, “But starting school later makes it easier for students to arrive on time.” Having schools start at a later time will allow students to get more sleep. This will resolve the tardiness and lateness of arriving at school late.

Others say starting later doesn’t matter. Students are going to stay up an extra hour later if they don’t need to be at school until later.


Students argue that starting school later will help you get to school faster and on time. This is because there would be less traffic out and people would already be at work in the mornings.

Janiel Miller an online content editor for Healio Primary Care says, “Delaying school start times by slightly more than an hour led to fewer instances of teenagers driving while drowsy and fewer motor vehicle accidents involving younger drivers, researchers reported at SLEEP.”

Others say traffic isn’t a reason for being late. It’s because schools start so early, that students don’t want to get up.

Students need more sleep to focus better in school. Starting school later than it is now, will help with that.

In conclusion, starting school later will help with all the tiredness, and tardiness. Please consider making starting schools later possible.