Lacrosse: A Controversial Sport


Connor Grypma, Staff Writer

Lacrosse has become a loved sport all over the world and gets added to many schools sports programs because of the growing amount of kids that enjoy playing the sport.


But along with the large amount of lacrosse lovers, there are tons of haters as well. Lots of people see lacrosse as a fragile sport with the use of some pads and a ripoff of sports such as soccer or football. Jenison High School just last year added lacrosse to their sports program and welcomed in a big growth of participants since then. Some of these student athletes answered on why they play the sport and why they think it is made out to be a fragile sport.

“ The games is just fun. I don’t really know how else to put it.”


First, the students said why they enjoy playing lacrosse.  In the quote above, Caden puts his input in on the sport. Caden plays lacrosse at the varsity level for Jenison High School this year. Also, Ian Brauning states, “It’s so enjoying because it is not about being the best athlete, you have to have stick skill and good game IQ.” Lacrosse just like other sports, takes plenty of IQ in order to make the right play and help your team do well.


Next, they said if they think lacrosse is a popular sport because of the sudden outbreak for the game. Caden Dewent says, “ Yes it definitely is. It’s really fun and so many people enjoy it.” Plenty of people find the sudden outbreak tough to swallow, but it makes sense seeing how fun the sport can be.

“Yes. I think it will get even bigger because it’s grown so much these past years and now it’s starting to get television deals and sponsorships. It’s also very fun to watch,” exclaims Ian Brauning. Lacrosse increases their rank when it comes to TV and new topics. College lacrosse starts to become televised on major stations and the companies gets plenty of sponsorships as well.

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Ian Brauning, Sophomore


And finally, they answered the overwhelming and significant question of why so many people consider lacrosse overrated and soft even with the amount of contact in the sport. “ A lot of people just don’t think they would be good at it, so they feel the need to make fun of it and treat it bad,” states Caden Dewent. It is tough to understand why people do this to the athletes. “I don’t know why people think it’s not a real sport. I guess if they like other sports they must feel the need to hate against it,” says Garret Hanlon. Since lacrosse isn’t a big three sport people decide to make fun of it even though many people play and are in shape for the game.


Even through all the dislike for the game, there is said to be more than 60,000 people in the U.S participating in organized lacrosse. Furthermore, US Lacrosse stated that as of 2013, 750,000 people played lacrosse all around the world. That number is most likely way higher now since the report was about six years ago but nonetheless, lots of people became involved with this new sport.


All in all, lacrosse brings up multiple arguments in many ways by many different people, but it can be said that the sport’s sweeping the nation with its popularity and fast paced play.