Jenison Marching Band goes to New York!

Laura Petrenko, Staff Writer

The Jenison Marching Band is getting the opportunity to go to New York for the 2023 Thanksgiving Macys Parade.

Each year Macy’s always picks a different marching band to perform in the Macy’s parade. The Jenison Marching Band stuck out compared to others throughout 2021 with their ‘Spirits of the Canyon’ show.

Most of the community will be at home watching them on TV. But there are many alumni and parents coming to New York to watch their friends, family, and or old teammates perform. This is a big event in the Jenison Marching Band’s history that everyone wants to see and experience.  “I’ll still support, in fact, I’m going to go to the parade still as an alumni to support.” stated Angelica Carrillo, a 2023 senior. There are people that don’t even get to experience going to go see the parade, but these are kids that get to experience being in the parade. This is something that they will be telling their kids, grandkids, and even great-grandkids, that they got to experience. It is an opportunity that not everyone gets.

The Colorguard won’t be holding any auditions for this year’s team, which is different than years past. In the years past they have open auditions for the Colorguard team with no cuts. This year they are going to be forming their team from people from their current winter guard teams and so far they have 40 signed up. But there will be a form of audition for who will be on TV because the band and guard size are so large. Megan Stratil the colorguard director explained that “As far as the Macys performance, not every guard or band member will be able to be on the “carpet” that you see on TV. So for those spots, yes we will be holding a form of audition.”

There are many seniors and a previous senior class that won’t be able to perform and are missing the opportunity to be in the parade. Angelica expressed “I’m very sad that I won’t be able to participate in the parade because I have worked hard and made it possible for the team to go.” Even after they spent years working hard and even helped make it possible for the current band to have this opportunity. Even though many of them are still going to support it still isn’t the same as going and performing.

Everyone is so excited about the experience that they will get in New York. Not only do they get to experience the parade but they will also be doing many other activities, they get to go see a broadway show, shop and so much more. Megan Stratil stated “I am most excited about the overall experience all the students will get! I’ve been to the Macys parade as a child and it was amazing. I’m excited to put the show together. It’s not something everyone will get to do and I think the process of putting it together will be fun.” 

This will be a very big event in not only the marching band’s history but the district’s history. Everyone is so excited about all the experiences that they get to encounter on this trip. 2023 Thanksgiving Macy’s parade here we come!