Survivor is at Jenison High School once again for the week of Pink Out!


Lily Johnston, Staff Writer

Senior Survivors are competing to raise money for two charities this week. The charities are hand to hand and pink out. Hand-to-hand is a charity that prepares food baskets for children to take home. The charity works with schools to be discreet about giving kids meals.

Pink out is a Jenison based organization that helps cancer patients in the area. They help with things like rides to appointments, dinners for the families, and funds. They have helped so many families in the area go through such a hard time.

These students are raising a ton of money for these organizations. They are hard-working and are willing to give up their outside lives this week to support the cause.

Move in!

Survivors are sleeping in the school. They get their phones and car keys taken away. With no communication from the outside world, students create tight bonds.

The seniors are so excited to get started and move into the library on February 5th! They will be staying at the school until they lose. Each survivor’s goal is to make it all the way to Friday, the day of the big pink out game. At the game, the big winner speaks in front of everyone.

“I am very excited to do all the challenges and raise a bunch of money for a great cause,” said Sophia Elsie, a senior at Jenison High School.

The competition begins!

The competition is fierce between a select group of seniors. The heat has already begun. Alliances are growing between survivors. Survivors came up with catchy slogans and hashtags to gain support.

“I do not know. Some of the people right here are my competition,” said Sam Eriks, a senior at Jenison High School.

Furthermore, Seniors sell many things during the week of pink out to raise money. All sales will be available during the morning and some during lunch. They are selling items such as delicious treats and toys. Some students even go as far as selling pizza at lunch, which is a hit with the student body.

“ I am selling some treats, come find me in the morning!” Said Sam Eriks

Support these seniors and many more! Each survivor has a gofundme where they are taking donations for their charity of choice. They could choose between pink out, hand to hand, or fundraising for both!

“They should support me because I am slay,” Said Gabby Rhodes, a senior at Jenison High school. 

Support your survivors!

Each night the Survivors have challenges to complete and if they win they get immunity. And then, immunity protects them from the elimination round following the challenge.  Survivors are eliminated and sent home every night based on the amount of money raised. Finally, the last standing survivor gets their name on a plaque as the 2023 senior survivor!

These seniors are willing to face it all for these causes. Most survivors feel over-tired and running on very low sleep. They are willing to fight for these amazing causes. Help out a senior this week and support charity. This super fun challenge is a fantastic way to support pink out and hand-to-hand.