15th annual Pink-Out Game

6 o’clock will mark the start of the girls and later the boy’s Pink-Out games on February 10 in the Kamstra Gym. This game will only occur once a year so make sure you save the date.

By coming to the Pink-Out game you display support for cancer. The Pink-Out games have been going on for 15 years at Jenison. All proceeds from the game go to helping people with cancer. This year Jenison is playing West Ottawa. Lots of students and people from the surrounding area come every year to show their support.

Locker Rooms

The Pink-Out game is one of a kind for players and spectators. Jerseys are different, bleachers are completely filled, and the gym is the loudest it will be all year. Also, the locker rooms for the team may be different too.

Jenison guard Rudy Maynard responded to a question about her perspective on the locker room mood. She stated, “It’s going to be more emotional at first, but then it’s gonna likely pump us up. And potentially be a motivation during the game.” Everyone in the gym can’t help but become affected by this unique game, especially the players.

New Jerseys

This year, the girl’s basketball team got new Pink-Out jerseys. Before, the team had light-colored jerseys with pink letters. The new ones are bright, some say highlighter, pink.

Selena Titus, a sophomore guard, stated her perspective on the new jerseys. She commented, “I think they are bright. You’re definitely going to be able to see us.” You won’t doubt who’s playing for Jenison!


In 2009, the first Pink-Out game occurred. This year marks the 15th anniversary of the games. For 15 years Jenison has been supporting cancer. The students think the tradition should continue for many more years.

Makayla Meeuwsen, a student at Jenison High School, responded to a question about the Pink-Out game tradition. She expressed, “the tradition should definitely continue because it allows the community to come into the high school and be something special we can all share.”


Also, there will be different warm-ups for this game. Players can put the name of an individual who has/had cancer on the back of their pink warmups. This marks the person they are playing the game for.

Maynard stated what she believes her favorite part of the Pink-Out game will be. She expressed, “The person you’re playing for, [and] playing in front of everyone.”

Additional Information

Jenison and West Ottawa have already faced off this year on January 13th. But, it was only a 12 to 14-point spread either way. The Pink-Out game is the busiest game of the year so make sure to get there early to support the Wildcats. With their school I.D. students at Jenison can get into the game for free. Entry tickets for spectators are only five dollars, but extra money for concessions. There will be concessions too!

The girls play at six pm and the boys play at eight pm against West Ottawa right here at the High School. Do not miss these special games that only happen once a year.