What’s the difference between Homecoming and Snowcoming?


Dates, events, and all the other things around Snowcoming 2023

Ferris Seif, Staff Writer

School dances are a big part of any high school and at Jenison, there are 2 big ones. There is the Homecoming dance and the Snowcoming dance. Homing has the big homecoming game around it and snowcoming has valentines day. Both of these dances have pros and cons. Many people ask what is the difference between Homecoming and Snowcoming. Here are what some students said when asked about both Homecoming and Snowcoming.

Each dance has its unique things. Some of the unique things to them are locations, dates, the mood, and the number of people. They both also share many things such as cost and the general series of events. For the new freshman wondering, or the people that haven’t ever found out. Here are some things about both Homecoming and Snowcoming.


The location of the dances is the biggest difference between the two events. “Homecoming is fun till the weather gets bad,” said Madison Gross, a 10th grader, said. Homecoming is out on the field and suffers from colder weather. Snowcoming takes place during colder months but is often inside the gym or in some other place inside. This location for Homecoming has it getting colder the later in the dance you get. The inside location for Snowcoming


The date is also another big difference between the two events. Homecoming of 2022 fell on October 8th and Snowcoming of 2023 falls on February 11th. The dates might affect which one you could even attend and also the weather. Cheyenne Aldridge, a 10th grader, “The atmosphere around Snowcoming is just more fun,”. They said the mood around the dance was more fun with a few holidays around the corner like valentines day.


The moods around both events are also different. The Homecoming dance is the biggest dance. Many people want to look their best and have everything planned. Snowcoming often has a smaller attendance with a less busy feel to the whole thing. Homecoming is also seen as more important. Aldridge, a 10th grader, said, “Snowcoming is [more fun]”.


One last difference between these school dances is the number of people. Homecoming usually has a higher rate of attendance. While Snowcoming has other people than the bigger dance.  Gross again commented, “I like the smaller amount of people because it’s not as overwhelming”.


Those were most of the major differences from the views of people who have attended many dances. Both dances are fun and both are worth going to if you have the chance. Homecoming takes place in the fall and the dance for 2022-2023 has already happened. As of the time writing this Snowcoming happens this Saturday on the 11th. Both dances happen every year and is available to all students in 9th-12th grade. The cost to enter is the same too so you don’t need to worry about a ticket being expensive like a prom one. Both dances are very fun and I hope this has helped convinced you to finally go hang out with friends and dance!