Jenison High School Men’s Volleyball Club


Men’s volleyball club is now held at Jenison High School. Practices go on after school every Thursday. Men’s volleyball is a great club at Jenison because it is very fun to play with and against your friends.

How it keeps you in shape

It is a great form of exercise for those playing. Volleyball is a fast game that keeps you alert at all times. “I love the sport. It’s fun. It’s fast-paced and intense,” said Ryan Radowski. Kyler Stratton stated, “It’s a very fast paced team game.”

Enjoy volleyball anywhere with your friends 

Volleyball is fun to play with strangers in your local area to make new friends. It is a great sport that is fun in your backyard, on the beach, or even in your local park. “I play volleyball non-recreational at the beach and in the backyard,” said Ryan.

Why volleyball is so exciting

Something that has made volleyball interesting is the people playing. When asked what makes volleyball interesting Kyler stated, “Girls.” A great way to bond and get closer with your family is volleyball, it is a fun family activity for everyone to play. Kyler Stratton stated, “My dad got me interested in the sport and taught me how to play.” Many people learn about the game volleyball and how to play at a young age. Ryan said, “I’ll say I was eleven years old.”

Helps develop great team skills

Volleyball is more than a one-person game, you need communication and great teamwork. “I love how everyone has to work as a team,” said Tyson McKellar. Men’s volleyball is a fun sport that would attract a lot of people to play for their school. Ryan said, “I would I would actually,” when asked if he would consider playing for the school. Volleyball is such a fun sport that will never get boring. Many people play for over a decade. “Yes I would keep playing ten years from now,” said Kyler.


Ryan, Kyler, and Tyson all seem to love and enjoy the sport. They all like to play with their friends and family and like how the game is fast-paced and intense. They all seem to have an interest in men’s volleyball. Whether it is through school or for fun with friends. Tyson said, “My first time ever playing was in middle school in team sports.”

The benefits 

Men’s volleyball is a great form of exercise. You don’t even realize you’re exercising because you’re having so much fun. It is good for your physical health as well as your mental health. Interacting with people and raising your heart rate is good for you. Volleyball is fun outdoors in the nice summer weather or indoors in a gym. It is a great thing to keep you busy and stay active so you never get bored. 

Why you should be playing

You can make a lot of new friendships that last your whole life. It is something fun to do with your family for fun. Ryan stated, “You know friends got me interested in the sport and sparked my interest.” Ryan then said, “Well, you know, it’s a good game. It’s a fun game to be played.”