The new club SLIC, a great opportunity


The new club SLIC is a great opportunity for Jenison students. This club can help students grow their confidence and leadership. Along with offering trainings on generally knowledge about substance use and mental health.

SLIC stands for Student Leaders Initiating Change. The club offers many opportunities to change what you learn at the training sessions. To add, members are also able to change how you spread the message of anti-drug use. SLIC also has potential to be so much more. It has room to grow and become a way to network and become involved in school action.

What can SLIC do for you?

The most important part of a club for me is the recognition. The only thing SLIC asks of a member is to present their ideas and thoughts once a month. Along with monthly meetings, many leadership opportunities are provided

 MinJae Koo, the club’s first member from Jenison, expresses SLIC as,  “a great opportunity for students to exercise leadership skills for a good cause.” He is right. Club members get the chance to use the time at invested into SLIC to boost their college applications

The training sessions can be as beneficial as you make them. Club members get to lead the direction of trainings. The biggest issue with these optional trainings is that they are currently on zoom. There is hope that soon these meetings will be available in the hybrid setting. This has the possibility to become a great use of time and even be enjoyable.

As club member Grant Vanderkolk said, ”This club turned out to be the ultimate EC for me.” Grant is right, not only are there a plethora of resources and opportunities hosted by the club. SLIC also is offering the meeting time as volunteer work. An incredible way to hit so many extra curricular box. 


The club shows you how easy it can be to get involved in your community. Through anti-drug messaging, you can present healthy views to students who may be thinking about substance misuse.  

“SLIC was the stepping stone in connecting me to my local community”

— MinJae Koo

The club requires a total of two hours monthly from its members. It also does not ask of much, if any, work required at home.

SLIC at Jenison

In general, the setting of meetings is welcoming and comfortable. The club allows anyone to be comfortable sharing their ideas to a group. 

One of the supervisors of SLIC, Brandon Melnyk, says, “we want to have a school-based leg in Jenison.” Brandon creates this welcoming atmosphere that encourages growth. He is very invested in the club and is an amazing guide.

As one of the first members from Jenison involved in SLIC, I see a lot of room for SLIC to grow in Jenison. I can see the club growing in the upcoming years as more students being to see the value in it. 

SLIC is an overlooked resource that students should know more about. Reach out to club members to learn more about it.