Game on!

I asked the Esports advisor, Mr. Gonzalez, a few questions about what to expect. persuade a couple of people to join. Mr. Gonzalez gave great reasoning on how much fun you can have while still having a learning experience.
If you play games to have fun and take your time to enjoy this club is definitely for you, as well as the competitive gamer as long as others feel like going head to head, even though there aren’t any actual leagues yet, you can still join and have tournaments among yourselves. If that’s a deal breaker here’s a quote from Mr. Gonzalez about an Esports League team, “If they come up with a team of 4-6 players, we are looking into joining some ESports Leagues across western Michigan, and even hosting an event to other schools, but it depends on student interest.” So the present and future of the club are with the students.

Inside the club

The ESports club is more than video games in school. It’s a place to experience the games from an in-person perspective. Mr. Gonzalez explains it easier. “it is a place where you get to play video games with people who like the same games, as well as being able to do it in person, rather than online. In other words,

it’s a place to have fun with like-minded people and build up friendships and team-based skills.

— Mr. Gonzalez

 We have also done tournaments, and people that take part in ESports are the ones that choose the games and the structure of the tournament or event, so it is also a benefit to have a voice and be able to learn how to put together an event”. Being face to face with the person you’re playing with is a feeling you need to find out for yourself.


The games played in the club depend on student interest. So if you join the club and find out they don’t have the games you want to play you can also bring your console or pc. Mr. Gonzalez goes into more detail about the games played, “Games depend on the membership of the club. As long as the game is T and below and there is more than one person interested in playing it, it can run. At the moment, it seems like most are happy with Super Smash Bros Ultimate, but in the past, we have also played Fortnite, Rocket League, and Overwatch, but we lost a lot of the membership with the pandemic”. So as long as you want a game and it follows the criteria go right ahead and ask Mr. Gonzalez if it’s okay too. but don’t worry I doubt he will reject you.
Here is Mr. Gonzalez explaining where and when the club will take place. “The club will run the length of the entire school year, every Thursday from 2:50-3:50 in the Media Center.” Straightforward right? it’s not like you have to venture through a maze and battle through a dungeon to get there.
Every kid goes home and plays video games. So why not at school with other people, and even make new interests and new friends? The ESports club is a great way to have fun and still have a learning experience. The club meets up every Thursday from 2:50-3:50, if you’re not sure about joining after this don’t be afraid and stop by. it’s up to you if you want to join. This text is here to inform you about Jenison’s ESports team and what to expect.