Harry’s House: Album of the year


Harry Styles’ album released in May of 2022 has come in with a crash. Even almost a year later Styles’ album has been everyone’s favorite. This album is on music streaming services like Spotify and Apple Music. This album is his best one yet, including fun and upbeat songs that the whole family can enjoy. But also, a perfect breakup song that makes you cry and eat ice cream too. Harry’s House is a great experience for all.

What is Harry Styles’ music style?

Ann Powers, a writer from NPR Music, says “Musically, Harry Styles fits in with Britpop, rock’s most pastiche-driven subgenre.” Harry Styles’ music fits in with the genre as an alternative. His songs are so diverse and they aren’t all pop. Compared to other British pop songs Harry Styles does not compare. His music is much more complex and popular globally. Because he is from Britain doesn’t mean his music demotes to Britpop.

What is the best song on the album?

Spotify, a music streaming service, shows “As It Was” having “2,089,816,287” streams. This song has the most streams out of every piece on the album. This song is the most popular among the public. The best songs on the album are Matilda and Music for a Sushi Restaurant. Matilda is a ver

y sweet and sentimental song, it has feelings and intense emotion. But Music for a Sushi Restaurant is the opposite. It is an entertaining and upbeat song, it makes you want to dance. These two songs aren’t comparable so they are the best two on the album.  Yet, Mr. Formsma, a teacher at Jenison High School, says “Harry Styles is trash.”

Is this album better than his first two?

William Hughes, a writer for the AV Club, says “Critics are consistently calling Harry’s House Styles’ best album yet, surpassing 2019’s Grammy-winner Fine Line.” I agree with the critics. It is his best work yet, he worked so hard and put his heart into each song. This album is so much more mature. Harry Styles is growing out of his boy band era and into his mature era as each album progresses. Mr. Styles has been having fun with his music lately. Releasing songs that reflect his fun personality. In his upbeat songs, you hear so many fun instruments like horns and drums.

How has the album affected listeners?

Anika Choudhary, a writer for The Californian, says “ “Harry’s House” contains some of Style’s most emotional lyricism yet, along with some of his most experimental songs”. The new album takes melodic themes about people’s mental states and reflects that a home is where your heart is.” Harry’s House is an emotional rollercoaster in the best way. The music is so compelling and listeners can’t help but tune in. When I listen to Harry’s House at home. Harry wanted his listeners to feel at home when listening to his music. He wanted his music to cater to anyone who listens. Styles’ album teaches people to love themselves no matter the circumstances.