Teacher Academy at Careerline Tech Center

I am reviewing the Teacher Academy.
What is this review about? Teacher academy
Who is this review about? The teachers
When is this review? 2022-2023
Where? Careerline Tech Center
Why are we reviewing the Teacher Academy? It shows us how to better understand teacher life.
In this review the main point I want to get at is how teacher academy helps. It helps you better understand what life would be like as a teacher, and also helps you learn more about kids.

How does teacher academy help?

According to Kalamazoo RESA, “Teacher Academy is designed to introduce students to various careers in the Education and Training Career Cluster.”
Lily Johnston, a senior from Jenison High School says, “Being in Teacher Academy gives us real life teaching experiences.” She gets to work hands-on in an elementary classroom as a teacher assistant for about 2 months. This is part of your tech class, so you don’t have to attend tech on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday’s. This gives you the real life experience as being a teacher.

What life do you have as a teacher?

Mehak, a writer for Toppr Bytes reveals “Thinking of spending even a single day in the life of a teacher is in itself quite challenging and a task to be accomplished.”
Mr. Formsma, a teacher from Jenison High School says, “We don’t have much free time.” He also mentioned that he has separated his teaching life and his family life. He does a good job getting to school at 6 a.m. in the mornings to work on teacher work. He doesn’t have to do much teacher work outside of teaching since he advocates for himself. Going to work at 6 a.m. helps him have more free time with his family.

Why do teachers not get paid well?

According to the Zippia Team, “Teachers get paid so little because education is underfunded in the United States.”
Mrs. Schantz, a teacher at Jenison High School says, “If you compare teaching and the impact of the profession and its pay to other professions it doesn’t always seem fair.” Depending on jobs, time and effort she thinks pay isn’t always fair and equal. For example people with different jobs work more or less than others. As a teacher, they get summers off, and breaks off like spring break or christmas break.

What impact do teachers have on students’ lives?

Robert Brooks, an author writer for LD online says, “This impact involves not only the teaching of particular academic skills, but as importantly, the fostering of student self-esteem. Reinforcing self-esteem in the classroom is associated with increased motivation and learning.”
Mrs. Schantz as a teacher thinks helping students will impact their lives. Students will better understand what they want in the future. Students will learn different tools in learning as well. This will help them be ready for what comes next after high school or in the workforce.
In conclusion, you should take a teacher academy class. As a person in teacher academy I definitely have learned a lot more about child development. We also learn other things other than child development too. This program has taught me how to have a better understanding of what it’s like to have a teacher life. As a teacher you need to be ready for anything. This program will help you decide if you want to actually become a teacher. We get a few certifications during this program, which will help you in the future as well. Going into teacher academy doesn’t mean you have to be a teacher. This program will help you figure out what best fits for you. If you want to find any job working with kids, teacher academy is a good program to take.