Curing Cancer

Curing Cancer


When is this world going to cure cancer once and for all? According to Jonathan Chernoff, MD, PhD at Fox Chase Cancer Center, “We’re always moving up the hill with cancer. If you make enough progress, you make a difference. Generally, it leads to new insights in how to treat cancer.” ( cancer will save many lives, which is the overall goal for doctors and nurses. Almost every single person in this world has had an experience with cancer in one way or another. The reason that curing cancer is so important is because it will save lives. Also, it will allow people to live longer and healthier lives. According to Neurosurgical Institute, Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, Los Angeles, California, USA, ¨We no longer wonder if we will find a cure for cancer but when.” ( )Curing cancer will impact and change so many peoples lives for the better, so doctors and nurses need to find a cure for cancer sooner than later.

Cancer facts and information:

The reason people need to find a cure for cancer is because cancer can destroys lives. According to World Health Organization,Cancer Key Facts,”Cancer is the second leading cause of death globally, it accounts for 1 in 6 deaths around the world.” (

According to Lynne Eldridge MD,”A very important first point when talking about a “cancer cure” is that cancer isn’t a single disease. There are hundreds of different  types of cancer and, in fact, no two cancers are the same.”( definitely has to be a reason why researcher and doctors continue their effort for a cure, they have to find a way to kill all of types of cancers.

Cancer Treatments:

“The fact that cancer isn’t one disease is evident in the conventional treatment approaches. Treatments for lung cancer differ for those of breast cancer, and so on”, stated Lynne Eldridge MD, (  This makes sense because treating one type of cancer looks different from treating another type of cancer. The treatment plan depends on the cancer’s location in the body as well as which stage of cancer it is. There are different types of treatments available to patients with cancer. Doctors can use one or more treatments to try and kill the cancer within the body. Some of the treatments include chemotherapy, surgery, radiation, a combination of treatments and even more. ¨According to Neurosurgical Institute, Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, Los Angeles, California, USA, ¨I have had to watch hundreds of patients die from cancer because current treatments have limited benefits. I know of no disease that can strike a patient more tragically than cancer.”( and researchers need to continue their work in finding treatments that work to cure cancer. The work and effort put into curing cancer will have a positive impact on everyone’s lives in some way. 

How cancer affects both patients and their family members:

Cancer affects way too many people in this world, but cancer does not just affect the cancer patients, it also affects the patient’s families. Cancer can change the lives of families. Cancer patients loved ones will take the news of their diagnosis and react in a variety of ways. Many people have had some experience with cancer, with either a family member or friend. I have three family members diagnosed with cancer in one way or another. First, my grandma’s diagnoses was breast cancer when I was much younger, so I do not remember many details of her cancer treatment experience. Second, my cousin’s diagnosis was a cancerous germ cell tumor, 9 years aso, so I remember going through this time with my family. Finally, my grandpa was just recently diagnosed with lung cancer which has brought a huge shock to our family. This challenging time for everyone in my family has brought us closer together as we help support my grandpa. Cancer can change your life and everyone else’s life in just a matter of seconds. Cancer does not just impact the patient, it also impacts the whole family. 

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Treating cancer would change the world and save so many lives. Curing cancer would allow for people to live longer and healthier lives. Once researchers, doctors and nurses find a cure for all types of cancers, they will be able to treat and cure more people than ever before and save many people’s lives.