Harvard: something more about the most elite university in the United States


Where is Harvard?

Harvard is among the best universities in the United States and the world. This university is in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Cambridge has a population of almost 118,000 people. It has a lot of cultural attractions, such as the campuses of universities and museums. This city is one of the wealthiest in New England and the United States. Cambridge is also home to MIT, as well as Harvard, which is one of the best universities in the world.


When was it founded?

The Puritan clergyman John Harvard founded Harvard in 1836. The university’s first name was Harvard College. John Harvard gave to the school library 400 books from its estate. The university changed its name to Harvard University in 1650. Harvard College still exists: it is a liberal arts college for undergraduates.


Who usually attends Harvard?


Harvard is not a diverse university. The majority is still white, and the minorities are Black and Asian. This is according to an article published by an education reporter for wbur, Max Larkin. In this article he focuses on the diversity of the university. “When it comes to racial diversity, Harvard can point to its recent record. The cohort of American students that Harvard accepts has been growing more diverse for years. The most recent “admitted class” is Harvard’s most diverse class yet. More than 15 percent of its members were African-American. 23 percent were Asian-American, and around 12 percent identified as Hispanic or Latino.” Then, the majority of the students come from wealthy families. The gender ratio at Harvard is 53% women and 47% men. Almost 36% of the students are part of the LGBQ community. 


What is the most popular subject at Harvard?


Harvard has a wide range of courses that you can attend: more than 3700 courses in 5 undergraduate fields. By the way, the students only choose some of them. According to the article written by the Business Insider writer Abby Jackson, only two of all the courses have a majority of students enrolled, “Economics 10 and Computer Science 50 jockey for the top spot as the most popular course at Harvard. And while economics won out among undergraduates, when looking at total enrollment — which includes graduate and non-degree students — Computer Science 50 had more students enrolled: 697 students, compared to 633 for economics.” Other popular majors at Harvard are psychology, math, and biology. 


How hard is it to get into Harvard?


Harvard is one of the hardest universities to get into, in the whole world. The university has an average acceptance rate of 3-4%. Of 61,220, of the 2026 applicants only 1954 got into it, and another 740 from early decision applicants. To get into Harvard it is necessary to have a 4.0 GPA and you must have earned top grades in high school. The University looks for people that would be capable of inspiring others. They are also looking for people that could be the best educators of one another. The requirements are SAT or ACT, $ 85 fee, school transcripts, and recommendations. 


Why is Harvard so expensive?


Harvard is well known for having high tuition, the highest in the country. According to an article written by BrightLink Prep founder, Talha Omer, in which he focuses on the many reasons why Harvard has such a high cost, “ Harvard has to pay its professors and other faculty members competitive wages to keep them there. This is one of the reasons why the cost of education has gone up so much in the past couple of decades.” Harvard is also expensive, because of the low regional competition. But also because of the financial aid and the no shortage of higher education.


Counter argument


According to Harvard, the price of tuition would not be so high. In fact with financial aid, the tuition could cost 14k dollars. Harvard said that in a typical year, they give financial aid to 55% of the students. The financial aid provided changes based on the family income. Families that earn more than $150,000 per year pay more than 10 % of the tuition. Families that earn less than $ 150,000 pay less than 10%.