Are schools up-to-date?

Schools have had the same learning way for hundreds of years without any major changes.  This huge and very important part of everyone’s lives is no longer as important. It needs to have a light shown on some of the issues.

Schools teach a lot of unnecessary information. Many people will never use and most likely forget within a year or two. Jake Akins is a graduate of the University of Texas with a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science. He says in the article “20 life skills not taught in school” “…our current academic curriculum doesn’t teach important life skills that is many aspects necessary to succeeding and thriving in life.” Many people might say you learn a lot of useful things such as mathematics and English. While many of these things are good to know; many people don’t need anything besides the basics. People don’t need to know advanced rules of English or math. They use need to know enough to get through an average job.

Many important topics are also ignored while lesser topics become required classes. Many kids once they leave high school don’t know how to do many very important things. Stephen Guise is an international bestselling author, blogger, and entrepreneur. He says “Instead of learning critical life skills on how to manage money, how to negotiate, or how to communicate, kids are mostly taught to memorize information. This is helpful to learn but not at the cost of learning critical life skills.” in his article “How Schools Train Us To Fail In The Real World,”. Lots of people might bring up the fact that there are smaller classes. Ones that are optional to learn about things like taxes or personal finance. This point isn’t bad but it has its flaws. Some schools do have this in place (like our very own Jenison High School). This class though is too important to have it as an optional class. This kind of class should have higher priority than learning about the motion of objects.

One of the final problems with modern-day schools is the way the students learn information. It’s structured in such a way to teach as many students as possible, no matter how well the students learn. Paul Boyce is a Business Economics graduate. In his article “Schools are outdated, it’s time for reform”, he says “Children are still taught in a standardized and industrialized way. As with anything that comes from centralized control, it is highly inefficient, bureaucratic, and wasteful.” People say this is the best way for students to learn and that there is no other way. Students often do better with a more personal way of learning. Having a large class of students and making them learn all at the same pace is not the best way to do it.

Schools are still very important and you should attend whenever possible. Schools are very important to succeeding in life, but they are stuck in the past. Without updates, the importance of needing schooling could decrease