Balancing college life and classwork

Balancing college life and classwork

How do college students cope with classwork?

Jasmine Barnes, guest writer for College Raptor says, Don’t pile your plate up with too much, and only you know when you’ve had enough. That is a setup for failure that breeds disappointment, and we don’t want that for you. Your goals need to help you grow, but they have to be attainable and appropriate.” Jasmine Barnes believes that the best way to cope is to set boundaries. Do not put too much work into yourself. Helen Sabell, a writer for The College for Adult Learning says you should manage your time. Managing your time will make you more productive. Take breaks often, set goals on a timeline, think ahead, and get great rest.

Why is it important to have a healthy school life balance?

Jasmine Barnes, guest writer for College Raptor believes it is important to balance your school life to be able to have good grades and not stress out. Jasmine Barnes believes that the best way to balance this life is to set goals, ‘focus on’ work and have a plan b. Do nott avoid asking for help, do not put off classwork, and do not set unrealistic plans for yourself. Jasmin says this is the recipe for success and a great idea for students to follow.

When do students make time for social life?

JED foundation, a website that advises college students, says “Most students spend no more than 15 hours in class each week so even with time for homework, and possibly even a part time job you’ll be in charge of figuring out what to do with a lot of time.” This means that if students can stay on top of their work they should be able to have time to socialize with peers. Helen Sabell, a writer for The College for Adult Learning says “At least 8 hours of sleep is essential for healthy brain function. Studies suggest that students may need even more. To increase your productivity in the long term, be sure to wind down at the end of each day and go to bed calm.” With that, students need to rank a healthy sleep schedule. Once students have a healthy sleep schedule then they focus on their social life. It is important to have both.

What is different about college classes compared to high school?

The JED Foundation says that college classes can be different from high school because not all assignments are due. You may need to keep up on reading and may need to study assignments that are not due. It can be easy to put other work to the side but you fall behind your classmates and seem confused. When exams come around it might hurt your grade if you do not do the extra work.

Who is the best person to ask for help?

When struggling with college work, the best people to ask for help can be your peers and professors. Most professors have office hours and you can go into their office and ask for help. Peers are also a great source of help, they might be having the same struggles as you. Together you can work through your issues and bond over them.

Where is the best place to be productive for assignments?

The best place to be productive is not your dorm or bedroom. When you are in your room it is more tempting to lie down and relax. It is tempting to go on your phone or watch tv. If you study in a library or coffee shop you will feel more motivated because you are there for a reason. It is best to set a goal for yourself to finish before you leave.