Soccer is the best sport

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It is said that the game of soccer is known as the best sport in the world.  Soccer is clearly the sport worldwide that is the most popular. Unlike football, soccer watched worldwide not only  in the U.S, but  as well as across the globe.  It’s watched all over North America where it encompasses many languages and cultures that come together for the love of the game.   Soccer is a sport where you don’t need any special skills. All you have to do to play soccer is  be athletic and physically fit.  Soccer is  one of the easiest sports to learn and you do not need many  skills to play!

Soccer is not only the best sport, but it is the most recognized sport. The game of soccer  is known all over the world.   Soccer is not as popular in the United States, it’s very recognized in hundreds of other countries. Soccer is a sport where many languages and countries come together to show their passion for the sport!  Soccer is also known as the best sport in the world because players can compete at different levels. In soccer, there are many  levels that give players many opportunities to play the game, such as the amateur level and on the top at  the professional level.  Soccer is a sport where players have the opportunity to learn many different skills! If players work hard, they will continue to improve!

There are two levels of soccer. The first is the amateur level and the second level is professional. Competitive play at the amateur level is less than at professional.  Secondly, in amateur play, the game is not as physical. In professional soccer, players play at a higher level of skill and competition and the game is  more physical. At the professional level, the players  get paid to play as all the other professional sports.  

When trying to decide which sport to play, soccer is a choice to consider first. Unlike other sports as American football, the necessity for lots of expensive equipment and supplies is not there. American football can be very costly, but for soccer all  an individual needs are shin guards, a ball, and a pair of cleats! Some players choose to wear headgear, they do not have to wear  it if they do not want to.  Football, ice hockey and many other sports require more equipment! Soccer is a inexpensive alternative for an athlete!

Soccer is a sport that has fluid play, unlike any other sport. Soccer is continuous and doesn’t stop unless it is halftime. A lot of other sports are not as fluid as soccer is. Soccer is continuous and the time never stops. It keeps on going when a sub enters the game, when there is a penalty kick, or when the ball goes out of play.

Many  different soccer teams ( as youth teams) from all over the world get the opportunity to tour abroad. Other sports don’t always provide the opportunity at a young age to tour abroad and  compete at a young age! Soccer players at a young age get the opportunity to travel around and show their skills; they have an skill that is able to improve in a way  that other sports are not able to do that!

Another opportunity of choosing to play soccer is that a player does not have to strong to play soccer! Unlike football players who have to be big and very strong, soccer players don’t have to be that strong! It is an advantage to be strong in soccer, but it is not a necessity for success.   Over time, with continuous hard work, drills and competitive play, everyone will become stronger and  their soccer skills will improve.

People argue that American football is better than soccer. In soccer, players can argue with the referees,  but in football,  players can’t  argue with the referees;  they demand respect! In soccer,  if a player  argues a call,  a verbal warning the referee will give the player a card. If another violation occurs by the same player, that player  receives a red card and kicked out of the game!

In football, technology  allows coaches to challenge referees’ calls that they want to challenge. In soccer, no one can challenge the referee’s call. The decision of the referee is final. Some consider that this makes football a better sport; fewer errors in officiating can be made.

Soccer is the best sport and widely known in the world! It is very easy to learn and improve skills, and allows players to meet new people! Soccer is a sport where people from all different countries get to play against each other (even when they don’t understand what language). Soccer is the most popular sport there is!  Not only is it easy to learn,  it is  not expensive at all, and it can be for anyone and any age!

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