Debate over video games comes to an end

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83% of people believe that video games are lousy for kids. Video games in moderation are helpful to kids. Video games can teach kids about other cultures, hand-eye coordination, problem-solving, and positive social skills contrary to popular belief.

Problem-solving is sought for skill in many jobs and people who play video games are generally better. James Paul Gee, an author on the topic suggests that playing video games helps kids problem solve and learn “The Scientific Method”. Thinking about the world in different ways can help kids in geometry or physics. According to BBC magazine video games “improve a players capacity to think about objects in three dimensions”.

 Studies linked video games with higher math sat and act scores and video games compared to other communication media and TV is a preferable alternative. According to a recent study in the International Journal of Communication, “teenage gamers excel at math while those who are into social media show below average scores”.

Video games are not known for positive social interactions,likewise they can be intuitive for learning about other cultures.  Steven Johnson, another author summarized that many video games reward smarter players and allows kids to share ideas on problems and allows them to hear different ways to solve issues they have not thought of. Other kids use gaming as a platform to talk about world issues. As a parent of a teenage video game player, Vanessa Davis said that when she eavesdropped on his conversations in the game they are not about the game. They were about the issues in the world.

Video games can be addictive, causing kids to put them before homework that is vital for school. This can cause kids to play for a long time and lose the ability to socialize with other people. Bullies in video games cause many parents shelter there kids completely preventing them from having the experience many others have, isolating them. Parents can prevent these issues by monitoring the time and content of what their kids are on the internet.

When parents ban their kids from video games they hurt their kids more than they help. Through video games, kids can learn teamwork, and problem solving and closing a child off from different races, religions, and ideas isolates them from other culture resulting in a generation of intolerant citizens. This is why it is not necessary to close kids off from video games encourage video games with healthy habits.

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