Garbage companies’ impact on the environment




Where does the garbage go?

Many people wonder where the garbage goes after companies pick it up. A lot of solid waste ends up in landfills. Yet, there are many other types of waste that go to other types of waste facilities. These other facilities use the garbage for energy or reuse the garbage.  Alexander Morse, a writer for the Rockefeller Institute of Government, says, “Everyday items like food scraps, clothing, furniture, batteries, and appliances — otherwise known as municipal solid waste — are disposed of, where it can take one of three paths: sorted and recycled, diverted to a waste-to-energy facility (e.g., incinerator), or tossed in a landfill.” Although it is sad that garbage ends up in the ocean, a lot of it still finds its way into the ocean and other bodies of water. There are many ways to prevent the trash from ending up in the ocean. This includes reusing the goods that we can and recycling the goods we no longer need. Also making sure that trash ends up in the proper receptacle and not on the ground for the weather to break down.

What causes the need for garbage companies?

Some people might ask why we need garbage companies to take care of our waste anyway. We do not want to destroy our ecosystem with our carelessness. Sunrise Sanitation, a trash removal service, says, “Trash removal is a necessity to ensure a clean environment and safety for both people and animals. Collection of solid waste materials and recyclable items plays a vital role in the cleanliness and sustainability of our communities.” Another reason we want to make sure that we take care of the plants and animals is that without them we would not exist. Without plants, we would have no oxygen to breathe and without animals, there would be no food to eat. Every living thing keeps other living things alive. So we should do our best to ensure that our planet does not die and that disease does not run rampant.

Who is affected by garbage companies?

Garbage companies affect everyone that lives in the U.S. in some way shape or form. This is because they are the reason that people are safe from illnesses. Decomposing materials are the perfect place for bacteria to grow. According to Sunrise Sanitation, trash removal is important for protecting the environment. We should be sure that our waste makes it into the correct trash bin. Whether it is trash, recycling, or composting.

When is it necessary for garbage to go to a landfill?

Although landfills are the most common place where our garbage ends up, it is not the most preferable. This is because landfills release harmful gasses into the atmosphere. There are different ways of handling waste other than landfills. Recycling is the most preferable form of waste management. It does not release harmful gasses into the atmosphere. After that, the waste-to-energy facilities are most preferred. The least preferred are landfills according to Morse. The waste-to-energy facilities still benefit us because we get energy out of them. Landfills are at the bottom of the totem pole as they release harmful gasses into the atmosphere.

Why are garbage companies necessary?

Garbage companies are necessary for disposing of waste humans create every day. Large facilities are necessary to hold the amount of garbage we make. Right Away Rubbish Removals, an Aussie waste management company, says, “Improper disposal of waste has negative ramifications. If you don’t dispose of your waste, it will end up polluting the environment.” As most people know these days greenhouse gasses are the main factor in climate change. If we allow our garbage to decompose on the street, it could result in the acceleration of the death of our planet.

How do garbage companies help the environment?

Garbage companies are good for the environment. They keep greenhouse gases from releasing into the atmosphere. Thus keeping the planet healthy. Landfills are better for the environment than allowing your trash to stay on the streets. Landfills keep people away from harmful bacteria and germs that decomposition creates. Waste management is better for the environment and slows diseases and bacteria growth according to Right Away Rubbish Removals. Keeping our planet healthy keeps our wildlife and humans healthy. When we keep greenhouse gas emissions minimal our wildlife thrives.