Eat my bubbles breast cancer


The Jenison swim and dive team planned an amazing fundraiser for their community service project this swim season. This year they chose to walk against breast cancer, in support of swimmer Lilly Bydalek’s mother, Alison. The walk took place at the Calder Plaza on Saturday October 16th. This event was put on through the Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Association. I talked to Lilly Bydalek, Alison Bydalek, Elyse Radawski and Brian Bydalek for more information about the walk. 

The goal of this event was to support people currently battling or people who have fought Breast Cancer throughout their life time. Breast cancer affects so many people in many different ways. The time I spent interviewing helped me be able to elaborate on the importance of showing and being a friend to those who Breast Cancer impacts/impacted.

Effecting our loved ones 

Breast Cancer effects so many families and loved ones.

Breast Cancer impacted my grandmother and my mother in law, both survivors, and most recently this summer I had a breast cancer diagnosis, so I am a current fighter.

— Alison Bydalek


The walk became advertised all around the Jenison High School and social media accounts such as Facebook and Instagram.  Lilly Bydalek, a senior on the swim team, gave me some insite. Bydalek stated, “As a swim team we have been advertising and showing our support for my mother. We all have pink t-shirts that we wear on our swim meet days to school. Many people in the school ask what they are for, so we know that our shirts are advertising about the event.”

Making a difference

Many people in the community have heard about the walk. People who want to make a difference get involved through the Making Strides website and joining our team. Brian Bydalek is the team leader who feels honored to be able to be part of this event. Brian stated “ As a team leader, I have been able to encourage and help people sign up for the walk, it has been a great opportunity.” 

This event has a large impact of peoples lives and how they feel as they participate. Senior swimmer Elyse Radawski said, “Being involved in this event makes me feel like I am making a difference and making others who are battling with not only Breast Cancer, but also other Cancers, know that I care.”

Supportive community

The community supports the Making Strides Against Breast Cancer walk. Through purchasing the swim teams pink shirts and also particapation in chuck a duck at the home swim meets. A. Bydalek said “It makes me feel loved and supported since this outstanding group of young women rallied behind me during this cancer journey and I will be forever grateful.” This event impacted the community by showing them how a team can rally together to make a difference.

Eat my bubbles, Breast Cancer; an impactful meaning in our lives now and will stay that way forever.