Teens and vaping do not mix

Teens and vaping do not mix
The use of e-cigarettes or vaping is a serious problem among teens. But why is it so bad and what do we do about it? There are many issues with the relationship between teenagers and e-cigarettes. Vaping is a serious concern. Whether it is the lasting effects, the education, or the peer pressure and bullying that comes with it.

 Effects of Vaping

The first problem is the general effects of vaping. Using e-cigarettes as a young person can impact development and health. The CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) states, “Nicotine can harm the developing adolescent brain.” Some people may say that using e-cigarettes is safe enough if there is less or no nicotine in it. It may be safer, but it is not only the nicotine that is bad in e-cigarettes.

 Secret Ingredients

 A lot of e-cigarette companies do not disclose what is in their products. The things in vapes are dangerous. The aerosol in vapes can include nicotine, metals like tin, nickel, or lead, and other chemicals that are not good for the body. Jennifer Thomas at RallyHealth reveals that vapes may contain “propylene glycol or glycerol (used to turn the liquid into an aerosol)”. Heating propylene glycol can cause formaldehyde and acrolein to form which are very hazardous and can cause cancer. Skeptics may state that e-cigarettes contain fewer chemicals than regular cigarettes. But, that does not mean it is safe for teens.


Nicotine is a source of big problems throughout one’s life. If someone vapes nicotine, they can get addicted and rely on it. The CDC lists some dangers, “Using nicotine in adolescence may also increase the risk for future addiction to other drugs.” Additionally, having an addiction to nicotine can cause severe mental health problems. Anxiety and depression can arise from addiction. Quitting can be a very difficult thing for many. Some people may say that not everyone gets addicted to nicotine and it shouldn’t be worrying. 

 Peer Pressure

Unfortunately, a lot of teens start vaping because of peer pressure. “The dramatic rise in vaping among teens is alarming to pediatricians and parents alike. It’s common for teens’ first exposure to vaping to come as an effect of peer pressure,” CHOC Pediatrician, Katherine Williamson says. Some might suggest that not all teens will pressure and bully. People might say that because they are old enough to make their own decision and have an opinion. 

 What can we do?

Vaping and teens don’t mix. So, what can we do to help educate? Anti-vaping ads and campaigns are a good way to spread the word. Alec Stone, a writer for voice.ons.org, says, “Young people who see anti-vaping advertisements and prevention campaigns are more likely to have accurate e-cigarette knowledge.” Many may say that people skip over and ignore anti-vaping ads.
Vaping causes a lot of problems, especially for young people. Teens should try to stay away from it for their own and others’ health. With the right ideas and strategies, the trend of vaping among teens can decrease as more people know about the effects.