Sports betting is skill, not luck


Brock DiPiazza, Staff Writer

When it comes to watching sports a bunch of people will watch it to enjoy the games. Others will watch it to gamble. No matter what we can all agree that we know someone who gambles on a certain sport or players. With popular apps like Draft kings and FanDuel at home it is easy to put a few bucks down. The issue is that not in all states you can do sports betting and it causes people to get mad. Usually when we go to Alabama my dad loves to watch golf. He bets usually on the masters well in Alabama it is not legal to bet. Sense he can not bet he drives to Florida and then places it. With the idea of allowing all states allow  sports betting it cause a concern to many and conflicts arose.

This always is a big topic and gets bigger the more states that legalize sport betting. A couple recent states were North Carolina, Maryland, Louisiana, South Dakota and Michigan. It allows more people to win money. Also for the reverse which more people  gamble tell them they got no money. There is much criticism of sports betting, but it is fun to watch sports while we grow our economy.

Global industry

In the United States sport betting may be legal in certain states but all around the world it is legal. With the people being able to gamble it has made the sports industry big. Sports gambling industry said that the industry is worth $100 billion globally. Even when it is not legal citizens can go onto websites and place a bet or just drive to another state. There are simple loop holes that makes it tough to legalize sport betting. If sport beating legalized then it would allow the industry to grow more. With the industry growing it also allows us to support our economy.

“Gambling in the market been the great indoor sport of the capitalist for months, and our consequently food increased from 25 to 100 percent.” Agnes Smedley


With being able to gamble it is not just us who benefits from it, the sports itself is to. It allows for the industry to grow further. When you allow sports betting this allows for that sport to have more viewership. If you put this in perspective, when you do fantasy football you may have 9 players who are all on a different team so It could cause you to toon into other games not just your favorite team. When the super bowl happens  people love to buy super bowl square. It helps to make the game more interesting and a reason to watch. It also allows an athlete to get more attention and allow you to keep up with his or her stats. Also help you know each player more and having a better understanding of games to watch and heat games may be a risk.

“Good teams win, great teams cover.”- Pat Haggerty

Lottery fine, but not sport betting?

If you have a clash with gambling then why not cancel the lottery to or all casinos. If you have a issue with sports betting I bet you do not have a issue with the lottery. The lottery gives out free money while sports betting takes skill. It is not just hoping my number gets called. You have to have the best lineup possible to win. This is a game of skill unlike any other betting where it is luck. You should see sports betting as people take effort and listen to podcasts to make sure they have a certain lineup like, you have to do your research.  People complain that sport betting should be illegal but what is the difference between sports betting and any other type of gambling.

Sports betting is all about money management, so the most money won on one event is not the most important thing.”-Bruce Dern

More then just choosing a team

People do not realize is that if you do not win on your bet they get the ability to say no I will not gamble anymore. Just because someone you know gambles and it cause problems does not mean everyone in the world has a that same issue. If you have trouble with quitting, well do not worry there are ways to stop gambling and even the apps advertise it. When you hear Draft kings add on the radio they always have a segment at the end where they say if you have any problems call the gambling hotline to help you. People just have to learn how to control their betting and when to stop. If this was not a big deal, I guarantee you that it would be legal in every state. It is up to the people to play it right and know when to cancel their account when they are unsuccessful if we want sports betting to become legal.

“ There are many harsh lessons learned from gambling, but the harshest one of all is the difference between having fun and being smart” – Hunter S. Thompson

Even athletes today will admit that sport betting is a benefit for sports and they even bet as well.

Sports gambling is a way that helps benefit sports communities and allows their viewership to go up as well. Also allows you to put your sport’s knowledge at test and have a chance to win money. With it being illegal in some states then it causes a issue about opinions. It is your decision to stop betting, the state will help you if you can not. We should legalize sports gambling.

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