Why medicare for all will not work


Corrine Vainavicz, Staff Writer

The Medicare for all act will replace almost all the insurance with a government run single payer plan. The democratic party will try to push this act till the 2020 election because they believe that everyone should have health care. Medicare for all will not work for the American people and here is why.

The taxpayers will not want to pay more. Medicare for all cost at the least $32 trillion over a decade. Taxes will go up by 37%. They include a 7.5% payroll tax from employers and a 4% one from workers.  Households making over $250,000 a year will see their taxes going up. And there would be a variety of tax changes that would fall on the well-to-do, such as higher rates on capital gains and a wealth tax on the top 0.1% of households. They want to raise the death tax rate to 77%. The rich and big corporations will have to help pay for Medicare for all a good portion of the Medicare. And it will be more than the middle class. So overall Medicare for all is not good. Because no one wants to pay more taxes than they already have to.

There will be no competition between medical insurance companies. Having competition between companies is good because it will keep the prices low and the quality better. The government can raise prices however much they want and the quality will stay the same because everyone will have the same insurance plan. Competition keeps the economy going. Everyone has to wait a long time because so many people will want the same treatment as them that it will take a long time for them to just even go in and see the doctor. Government planned programs almost never work and its the middle class who will be most affect by the down fall. Medicare for all is not good because the competition will go down and affect the economy.

Only guarantee is shortages and delays. Canadians wait 5 months to see a specialist. Wait time has went up by 113%. Just getting results from X-rays, CT and MRI scans can take months because of shortages of radiologists. Also most doctors would stay on the private sector payrolls, than go work for the government. Medicare for all would low the pay for doctors by 30%. And it would lower the payment to the hospitals by 40%. Medicare pays the hospitals about 90% of their costs on average, which means they will lose money. Also almost 2 million people will lose their jobs because their business will be shut down due to the Medicare for all act. Medicare will only cause the US to lose money and make people wait longer to go see a doctor or get their medication.

It does overall sound like a good idea because it will help the American people get health care. But you have to think about the cost and how much taxes will raise over time. Overall Medicare for all will not be good for the American people and the economy in the future. 

The Medicare for all act will not be good for the American people because it will raise taxes, people will lose their jobs, and they will have to wait a long time to go see a normal doctor.