“Whiplash.” Why it’s the best movie ever made

I am reviewing the movie “Whiplash” (2014) directed by Damien Chazelle. Filmed in Los Angelos in 2013-2014
I will be reviewing the actors, the acting, the lighting, and the shooting schedule. To show that this is one of the best movies ever made.

The acting

The acting in the movie is something no other movie can beat using famous actors like J.K. Simmons and Miles Teller. According to firstpost.com, J.K. Simmons starred in many famous movies such as Juno and Spiderman. J.K. Simmons plays the over-the-top, unrealistic expectations jazz teacher. A quote from The Harbinger explains that “Fletcher seems to think Andrews’s potential success is a direct result of Fletcher’s abusive attitude and constant psychological warfare with the drummer.” J.K. Simmons’ strong voice and character are a perfect fit for this role. As well as Miles Teller as Andrew Neiman. According to The Harbinger, “Andrew Neiman is a driven young drummer struggling to find his way through a cutthroat music school.” Teller is able to convey the innocent young college student very well. Then turning into this sort of drumming monster we see at the end of the movie.

Filming schedule

This movie is also praised for how fast it got filmed. With a movie like “Whiplash”, you would think it would take a couple of months to perfect. Well in fact it only took 19 days to film (imdb.com). This definitely impresses everyone who has seen it. Set designer Karuna Karmarker said this about the schedule on setdecorators.org, “The shooting schedule was very ambitious, our budget was tight, the man-days were limited and we only had one truck at our disposal. So to say the least, the experience was very challenging.” Imagine completing a four-week project for school in one day. That is what they felt like when creating this movie in a matter of 19 days.

The lighting

The lighting in this movie is something that brings drama to the movie. Without it, the movie would not be complete. The lighting they use most of the time in this film is low-key lighting. Informalmoviereviews.wordpress.com explains “The lighting is focused around the band, specifically the drums in this movie. The scene unfolds around the main character finding himself engulfed in a wish to become a core member of his school’s elite jazz band, and with the lighting, he is “shown” as the center of the audience’s focus.” The low-key lighting in this movie was so important. Many people like to refer to the lighting as yellow because that’s what it actually looks like. As soon as you enter the studio band room you’re met with yellow and warm colors. It shows a sense of comfort but also unknown. The sense of comfort becomes hurt and pain later on in the movie. They use the lighting so well in this movie and help convey the drama surrounding the studio band.

The music score

Finally, something that is often overlooked is the score. The soundtrack. sites.psu.edu explains that a good movie score “creates emotions but uses them to effectively engage the audience in the plot.” The fast-paced jazz music is used so well when conveying the speed and drama of this movie. A great example of the use of fast-paced music is when Andrew is driving to get to his jazz competition on time. Fletcher pushes him so much to where he would rather be dead than miss his jazz concert. He speeds through all the intersections he passes. While fast-paced drumming is being played over him getting louder and louder. Finally, his car is t-boned by a semi-truck and the music goes silent. You can see all the tension that is being built up every second. Soft music throughout the movie like Fletcher’s song is also used to show weakness and calm. We see this played in the bar scene where Fletcher talks about his teaching career. Then at the end of the movie Caravan happens sites.psu.edu explains it as “the final destination.” This is the last scene with the last concert of the movie. This fast-paced jazz piece fits super well for this last scene. Andrew proves his talent and Fletcher knows he finally built the next great one. Watch it here.
I rate this movie 4.5 stars out of 5. For all the amazing lighting, acting, and music work that’s done throughout this movie.