Is the TV series “The Vampire Diaries” one of the best shows to be made?

The Vampire Diaries background and history

The Vampire Diaries is a TV series that aired from 2009-2017 and ended with 8 seasons. It brings the idea of the supernatural into reality.


This show has been around since the early 2000s, and got taken off of Netflix this year. That’s a very long time. Many people created petitions to keep the show they love the most on Netflix. This is something you don’t ever see in the TV series world. The main characters, Paul, Damon, and Elena hold a strong friendship in the show and outside it as well. This past weekend, Julie Plec, the producer, hosted a dinner get-together with the cast. The Vampire Diaries does a great job of showcasing character development and love. It’s changed so many people’s lives and connected to a large number of people.


So why are these ideas so significant on why it’s one of the best shows? It showcases how caring and loving the cast is towards their fans. It makes their fanbase feel loved and appreciated, which is only a positive. The amount of work and time that they put into the story and production is outstanding. Every little addition has a reason, it wasn’t put together. Having actors that embrace their emotions makes the experience of the show upraise. This is why it isn’t comparable.


What is the best part of the Vampire Diaries?

The examples of friendship and love that the characters hold for one another. There has never been a show that visualizes these ideas more. Anytime one of the characters throughout the show is in danger, there is always someone to back them up. For instance, in the show, Damon and Stefan have been brothers for hundreds of years. Since they’re vampires, they’ve lived a long life and experienced a lot together. Even though they’ve gone through thick and thin, their bond never fades. Damon, who’s the antagonist in the show, still has a soft space for his brother Stefan, and vice versa. Once Stefan finds out Damon is dating Elena, Stefan’s girlfriend, he builds anger at first. But, after time passes, he concludes that his brother is happy, and that’s all that matters

What’s up with the tours of the set and meet and greets years later?

Once again, the relationship and bonds these actors have in this cast are unbreakable. The show does a great job of connecting with its fans, which makes it even more special. Going on the tour through Mystic Falls is so magical and an unexplainable feeling. Imagine having the opportunity to walk through your favorite TV show or movie, it’s a dream, right? The tour showcases many of the protagonist’s houses in the film. Some of these are Elena, Tyler, and Caroline. Stepping in the same footsteps that these characters did is an astounding feeling. It even has symbolic outfits, necklaces, and jewelry that the characters wore too. Damon and Stefan (Paul and Ian) hold meet-and-greets many times a year. The connections between them and their fans are something not a lot of shows experience.

Why was it taken off Netflix?

This question has pondered among plenty of the fans of the Vampire Diaries. It led to many people creating petitions saying “Netflix doesn’t take it off please!” Unfortunately, those weren’t enough and it left on September 3rd, 2022. This doesn’t mean that it wasn’t an amazing film. It renewed its licensing window with Netflix a couple of times before. Doing this is very uncommon in the TV show world, so it reveals the passion the cast and viewers had. This was because of all the love and enjoyment it received. With its unforgettable 13 years on Netflix, it will always hold a place in everyone’s hearts. , it’s still streamed on many other TV services like HBO Max, so it’s not gone forever, but it doesn’t feel the same.

How close are the cast members outside of filming?

All the TVD cast had many relationships and friendships that still hold many years later. Ian and Paul created their own bourbon line/brand together in 2020. Their brand has been doing very well recently and has only expanded. While shooting love scenes, many of the cast members ended up falling in love outside of filming. Ian and Elena (Nina Dobrev) are one of those couples. While filming love scenes, this love portrayed their love to their outside lives. Their relationship lasted a healthy 3 years and didn’t end with any hurtful intention. This extreme love and passion for each other showed through the screen, making it feel real. Paul Wesley and Nina didn’t like one another the first season of filming, but this changed over time. They became best friends and are one of the most real and strongest friendships that there is. This show has such a great cast outside of the show, and this makes the experience elevate.


This show is unlike no other, and incomparable to anything else. The relationships of the casts make the acting and quality incredible. It’s still talked about daily almost 13 years later and hasn’t died down one bit. The ongoing tours and meet and greets of the cast members increase the bond between them and their fans. The Vampire Diaries will always be an all-time favorite no matter how much time passes.