Review: The Handmaid’s Tale


Chase Kovac, Staff Writer

I’m sure you’ve seen them before, the women in red cloaks with long white hats. But do you know who they are? I’m sure you didn’t. These women are Handmaids. They are from a dystopian show based in 2015 where birth rates are dropping. The Handmaids are there to help fix that. This show is so impactful because it is so realistic. It has such a possibility of happening that it makes it such a good show to watch.

Character Development

Every single character in the series develops throughout each season. In most shows, only the main character(s) go through changes. In The Handmaid’s Tale, they provide details of each character’s previous life. The battles they already fought. The people they had loved. The children they had ripped from them and so much more. The character development is what makes this show so intriguing. As you get to know the characters, you also see them grow. Offred, the main character goes from shy and scared to strong and brave. We see how the situations that everyone goes through in affects them and how it changes the show as a whole.

Attention Grabbing

This show has so many twists and turns, all the time. Having so much action grabs your attention so easy. From the Handmaid’s escaping to people getting killed. There is an insane amount of suspense added to the show to make you want to watch it. I binged this show for about a month. All five seasons held my attention very well. I could watch it while doing homework, having a snack, or even eating dinner once in a while. There was so much excitement, so I got glued to my phone or tv remote any chance I could get.

Talk of the Town

When this show was at its prime, people couldn’t stop talking about it. It is based on a book series that people have loved for a long time. My mom had read the books and loved them, so when she heard about the show, she had to hop on and watch it. It is canon to the books for the first 2 seasons and then takes a different approach. Even if you read the books, there will still be shocking twists that you didn’t know about. I hadn’t read the books, so I had entered this world completely blind. Without knowing the backstory first, it made it a completely different watch compared. You should go into it blind and then read the books afterwards so you already have faces to put to the names.

Real World Comparisons

The best part of the show is how possible it is that it could happen now. There’s a lot of debate surrounding women’s rights and people wishing to remove them. The show depicts a dystopian reality and how possible it is to be real. It is such a good watch because of how it makes you feel. It is very disturbing, captivating and beautifully done. If you don’t like shows that make you question everything, this might not be for you. I found it to be so powerful and eye opening. I would rate The Handmaid’s Tale 4 ½ stars out of 5.
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