The Bauer Nexus SYNC


New Bauer Nexus SYNC

It’s the newest stick from the nexus stick line and has the most features. Super durable while still being the 2nd lightest stick only behind the Bauer Agent. All ages of hockey players can buy this stick from local hockey pro shops whenever they want and or need to. This stick is impactful for all the new technology and advancements that are in the stick to make it how it is.

The SYNC’s five-sided ridge for your bottom hand

Bauer received quite a bit of feedback about the five-sided geometry. Now they have decided that the benefits shouldn’t be only to the highest price point. As a result, the ER Spine is now available across the board, from the SYNC all the way down to the Nexus E3. There are five sides to the ER Spine shaft. Allowing it to be easier and more natural for you to control the puck and stay connected to your stick. This tech has redone itself further on the SYNC for a lower profile and an even more natural feel. I love that they kept it here because I had the Geo at first. I then loved the 5-sided ridge because it fits into my hand to make it easier to control the puck.

The new SYNC has now longer lengths

Bauer said on the stick review, “To accommodate taller players while simultaneously adjusting the stick’s flex threshold, we added 2 extra inches to the standard 60-inch height”. As the game gets faster and sticks become more durable. Players have started to lower the flex in their sticks for quicker, more efficient shots. You can also get it cut down back to the regular 60-inch and the flex won’t be different. Currently, I have the 62-inch stick, and the flex is still the same where I want it to be. It is nice having that little bonus reach to poke the puck away. Happy how they can keep my flex the same and make it a little longer.

Nexus’ new reduced weight on the hole stick line

To get that effect in the SYNC they needed a change. Bauer has included an update to their Advanced Carbon Layering technology. “ACL 2.0 is a big factor contributing to the stick’s 25g weight reduction from the Nexus Geo. The technology means that the carbon fiber used on the inside of the stick is thinner and of higher quality. The layering comes from the strategic procedure they take to layer those carbon fibers during assembly for a lighter, more efficient build” stated Bauer when asked about the weight of the stick. The new stick weight is now only 365 grams. The stick feels way lighter than the Geo. Yet it is also way more durable with the new updated technology.

Bauer Nexus’ SYNC and the mid-kick point

The Nexus series is Bauer’s mid-kick line, meaning the kick point is closer to the center of the shaft. This allows you to readjust your flex and playstyle to fit the situation. This also makes these sticks ideal for players who tend to cover a lot of ice. The Nexus in particular is best for its balanced feel. Bridging the gap between quick release and power. I use this stick everywhere on the ice. From faceoff draws, to the middle of open ice, into the corners. This stick can do everything a player can ask from it.
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