Why is Snapchat So Popular?


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Snapchat launched in 2011 and has since grown to be one of the most popular social media apps worldwide. Snapchat lets users capture memories with friends and family through the use of pictures. Snapchat provides quick and easy communication and ways to update friends and family. Why is this app so popular, and how do teens manage to use it in their everyday life?
Ever since the app launched it has become essential in teens’ lives. Most teens don’t spend even a day without going on Snapchat. This app towers over any other social media platform, even if they have the same abilities.
Snapchat is one of the most used apps for teenagers and young adults. This app is for communication purposes and is the main reason teens keep in touch. Most social media users have the app and continue to use it in their everyday life.

The app is free and you don’t have to spend any money to use it.

First, this social media platform is priceless to download. It may come with extra features and add-ons that have an extra cost, but to use the app it does not charge you. This is a big game changer in teens’ lives, usually, teens don’t like to spend money on certain things. If Snapchat did charge you for the use of the app, most teens would not be using the platform.
Snapchat being free can have a negative impact on teens. This can cause an unlimited amount of time on the app which can result in low self-esteem and bad mental health. According to Business Insider, ABC News, and Psychology Today, “Snapchat can be “addictive” for teenagers and should not be used in excess. However, the exact opposite is happening.” Parents may set time limits on the app due to the effect that it’s on teens. 
The use of the app can sometimes be too much. During school hours some teens might be on their phones and most likely what they are doing is snap chatting with someone. Teachers and staff may come to the conclusion to make students put their phones away or turn them off due to the distraction.


Snapchat is a Main Communication Source for Teens 

Secondly, Snapchat is a form of communication that catches the eyes of teens and young adults. With the use of pictures and filters, you can have conversations without boring text messages. “You can do many things (from texting to video calling, sending pictures and voice notes just) makes it an exciting medium of communication,” the article says.
With a fun and easy way of communication, more people use Snapchat on a daily basis. ”This form of casual, everyday communication paves the way for stronger relationships between Snapchat friends.” It attracts teens by including extra features and regular updates. Teens don’t like boring ways of communication, so more teens are gonna use Snapchat.

Snapchat Includes Special Features

Finally, Snapchat includes extra features that may influence the usage of the app. The app has features like filters, stories, memories, and sending both pictures and videos. These features seem way more fun to kids and teens instead of a regular boring text on iMessage. Most teens use the app for the fun of it and only use it to communicate with their friends in a fun way.
The extra features this app can provide may be one of the main reasons why the app is so popular. Teens will see what they can do on the app and want it, and for no price at all.
Snapchat’s main focus is to get teens and young adults. Alyssa Hirose states, “18 to 24-year-olds are the largest age group that use Snapchat, followed by ages 25 to 34 and ages 13 to 17. If your brand targets Gen Z audiences, Snapchat should definitely be on your radar.”
No matter who is snap chatting or where they are, everyone can send a random picture to a friend. Research shows, “Every minute 2 million snaps are sent.” Snapchat has over 306 million daily active users, which is an average on any day. 1.4% of internet users ages 16-64 call Snapchat their favorite social media platform. 1.4% may not sound like a lot but it is plenty over 69 million users. Snapchat advertises its app very well and gets even older people attached to the app.