Testing BlackPink; are they really worth the hype


Kpop is a worldwide phenomenon that some avoid because of a language barrier. Kpop is a wide genre of music. In Kpop there are groups, soloists, and sometimes K-Celebrities are both. K-Celebrities spend years polishing their talents to debut. Some take a couple of years while some take a decade, some never debut. A trainees day is longer than 12 hours. Depending on which position the audition for depends on what lessons they take. Trainees have to take multiple, dance, vocal, rapping, and language lessons every day. As a trainee in big companies, they have to compete with others to stay. Being a trainee is similar to being in a strict boarding school for music. Most trainees start at a young age and grow together separate from their families and live off of the support of the company and part-time jobs. When a trainee is foreign they do not get to see their family as often. Even after all the struggles before their debut K-Celebrities still have to be at their best all the time since they are always under the scrutinizing eyes of K-netizens. While reviewing a popular song of a K-group called BlackPink I will rate their Musicality, Technique, and visuals.