What is the best brand for soccer cleats?


Anna Williamson, Staff Writer

When looking for new soccer cleats, what do you look for? I look for comfortability and quality. This is why I have only ever owned Nike cleats. Nike cleats offer the best variety and designs along with their make of the cleats. There are several brands you could choose from and you can call me bias, but  Nike is the best.


Nike uses a Teijen microfiber that make a dimpled effect, designed to offer a much different feel on the ball. The Ethylene vinyl acetate foam inside Nike shoes is soft, flexible plastic filled with air bubbles. Where as Adidas uses polyester. This in my opinion shows that Nike offers more support and comfortability. This also means that Nike cleats are better quality and will last longer. I tried on Adidas soccer cleats, and none of them meet up to the comfortability of Nike. My Nike cleats last me a few seasons so I do not have to get new cleats twice a year. I get new Nike cleats every 2 years or so.


There is variety of the same cleats at different prices depending on how much you want to spend and the support of the cleat. With my experience, I love my cleats of $80-$140. I just love how they offer a good price range where not every pair of cleats are $300. You can still get a good pair of cleats for $100 or even $60. These cleats below are similar but are different prices. You can see there are some differences, but I would be happy with the $90 ones and saving money because they still offer good comfortability and a cool design. If you want to spend the money for the more expensive pair you get the more complex design and more of a fitting feel.



The sizing does run smaller but if you own any type of nike shoes it runs the same. It is easy for sizing because I have other Nikes to run off of. If you know what size you are in nike, then that is what size you are in cleats which is helpful. The sizing of Nike cleats also makes it more comfortable. I have found that Adidas cleats will be loose towards the toe and tight in the foot and this is uncomfortable for me. Nike cleats fit well to my feet and make them easy to play in and kick a ball. I never have an issue with my cleats not being comfortable. If you get the right size, they will work out good.


Nike is by far the brand to go to when you need new soccer cleats. They offer more than other brands like Adidas. Nike has a higher revenue than its competitors combined. Not only is Nike a more successful company, but they prove it with their quality and comfortability. I will always stick with Nike and support their business. Nike continues to create new products and get even better.