WayV “Take over the Moon” with New Mini Album

Allison Kachel, Staff Writer

On October 29th, Chinese boy group, WayV, released their 2nd mini album titled Take Over the Moon. Along with the release of the album was a sci-fi infused music video for their lead single “Moonwalk”. 

The title track “Moonwalk” opens with an eerie piano melody which explodes into captivating electro-pop, filled with synths, adlibs and, as always, killer vocals. A rock infused dance break appears in the later half of the song, followed by a melodic bridge, a call back to the piano intro, before it ends with a thrilling conclusion. The song has lyrics suitable for any adventure movie, with references to mythology and history that all lead back to the main idea of making your own place in the world. 

Following “Moonwalk” is an EDM based track “Yeah Yeah Yeah” after that is the fan favorite, seductive calypso-inspired “Love Talk”. On November 5th, WayV released an english version of “Love Talk” along with a minimalist music video. The group splits off into subunits for the next two songs, “King of Hearts”, an R&B track featuring the group’s rappers Hendery, Winwin, Lucas, and Yangyang, and lilting ballad “Face to Face” sung by vocalists Ten, Xiaojun, and Kun. The album is rounded off with the final track “We go nanana”. 

This album serves as a great follow up to their last EP Take Off – The 1st Mini Album, offering diversity and maturity that their previous releases lacked. The subunit songs offered a chance for members to shine in a way that full-group songs do not always allow. That being said, the album was not perfect. The last song “We go nanana”, while not bad by itself, felt too fluffy and out of place on an album with a song like “Love Talk”. It is clear it was a filler song but the album would have felt more cohesive without it. WayV also continues to struggle with proper and fair line distribution. For example, Winwin’s lines across five songs totaled just under a minute, while other members get over a minute of airtime on a single track.

Despite some of its flaws, WayV’s Take Over the Moon EP is a well-rounded album showing off the group’s growth as performers while leaving lots of untapped potential to explore in future releases.





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