2023 Girls JHS Track and Field season


Dania Klein, Staff Writer

Track is a well-known sport for being able to focus on your own personal growth, but how much can one grow by themselves? During prior track seasons, track has felt more divided than united and vice versa during the years it has been a sport at Jenison High School. Though the big question is, how is track this year during the 2023 season different?

How are the practices this year?

“The practices are fun and I like being able to be active around new people, that I wouldn’t normally talk to. I like the coaches, especially Brendan. Porque él es muy simpático.” Nina Abrahantes claimed. As she said, track practices are a great way to be able to meet people you may have not talked to before. As well as being able to get a great workout! The coaches also are very well-skilled in being able to make you not only the best runner you can be but also the best version of yourself!

How is track different this year from last year?

“A majority of us can agree that this year’s track season feels like more of a family than it ever has before. This year we have team bonding days, and we truly get to know and value each other, and it has made the entire team stronger.” Carlota Quintana Gonzalez said. Another way track is different this year is that the coaches have focused on making the runners not only physically strong but mentally strong as well. The girl’s track and field team has done many different activities to grow self-confidence, positivity, and ambition.

What is your favorite part of track?

Nina Abrahantes said, “My favorite part of track is running and meeting new people. I like when my feet hit the ground and come off the ground, because I feel like I am running on air.” Track has many more benefits than an after-school sport. Through track and field, you can get stronger and more powerful in several different areas. Through training, you can become a better thrower, a better sprinter, or even get a faster time in the one mile! Track will also teach you the proper way of running and exercising to prevent injuries to the best of your capabilities, which is a good life skill to use when you are running outside of the track and field season.

Would you do track again in the future, and why?

“I would because apart from staying in form and doing sports, you can make a lot of friends and the coaches are really nice,” Carlota Quintana Gonzalez exclaimed. Once again, as stated by Carlota, you have so much potential to make friends and to stay in shape. So in track and field, you won’t only feel good, but you’ll also look good! Also, as seasons of track progress, you will make long-lasting relationships with your teammates, your coaches, and people you meet in your journey. By the end of track and field, you will be a part of a new family where you know you will be accepted.