How to get drafted faster as a college football athlete

How to get drafted faster as a college football athlete

Ryan Sowa, Staff Writer

How do you get a better NFL draft position?


Getting a better position in the NFL draft is all about performance at the college level. Also based on how well you compete in the combine. The better you do in college the more recognition you will get from the NFL. The more recognition you get means the higher the chance of getting drafted early. Laura Wagner, a reporter for The Two-Way mentioned in one of her stories that, “Not only are players evaluated on the strength of the “draft stock” and “measurables,” that is, how fast they run, how high they jump, how far they throw and how many passes they catch, future NFL players are increasingly being assessed on subjective factors such as “character”.”


What do athletes do at the NFL combine?


Every year during the combine many athletes are competing for their hardest to be the best at what they do. At the combine, there are a variety of different athletes that all do different jobs on the field. Some are fast and agile, and some are super strong and dominant. There are 11 different positions in football and at the combine. Each player attending gets split up into groups based on position. Some drills that every position is the bench press and 40-yard dash. “On the bright green practice field, players ran just a few simple exercises – a 40-yard dash, agility drills, pass routes,” stated Becky Sullivan, reporter, and news desk for The Two-Way.


What are interesting drills that happen at the combine?


The combine can be fun to sit down and watch with friends and family. The combine has many interesting drills that the players do that can be fun to watch. Some drills include the 40-yard dash, route running, broad jump, and bench press, and those are a few. The 40-yard dash is what a lot of people find interesting. Players set up on the goalline of the football field and sprint 40 yards as fast as possible. It is one of the most competitive drills at the combine. Every player wants the fastest time which makes it interesting to watch. Another very interesting drill is the broad jump. Players stand in place and jump forward as far as possible. News Producer and Reporter, Bill Chappell for The Two-Way stated, “Jones recorded 12 feet 3 inches in the broad jump, a discipline that was once in the Olympics. No other player came close to Jones’ mark at the combine, the scouting event for players who want to be considered in pro football’s draft.”


Why do we have the NFL combine?


The NFL combine is a great tool for football college athletes. Where they can display their talents and show how good they are. It is a time for athletes to show NFL teams and coaches what they can do to help their team succeed. “At 6’4″ and 227 lbs, he impressed scouts at an NFL pro day in March, tallying scores and times in various drills that ranked him among the top wide receiver prospects from the NFL scouting combine in February, the site said. It added that six teams, including the Patriots, Packers and Broncos, expressed interest in him,” stated Reporter, Laura Wagner in one of her stories for The Two-Way.


When does the NFL combine take place?


The NFL combine is not on the same date every year. Although the NFL combine is around the same time every year. Which is around the end of post-season games. Starting around the end of February and ending around the beginning of March. According to NFL Network, the NFL combine begins with live drills on Thursday, March 2nd. With live coverage on NFL Network starting at 3 p.m. ET.


Where is the NFL combine held?


The NFL combine always takes place in Indianapolis for players to show their skills off to the world. NFL Network stated, “Located in Indianapolis at Lucas Oil Stadium from March 2–March 5, fans can attend the free INSIDE LOOK event LIVE over the span of four days for special access to see the best of the NFL–prospects, show off their skills to coaches, GMs, and scouts.”