Reviewing Michigan’s football roster


Tyson McKellar, Staff Writer

I am going to review Michigan’s football roster because it helps people see what they can improve on. People ponting out what holes Michigan has can help them win a National Championship!

What is the strongest part of Michigan’s team?

According to Wolverines Wire, “The Wolverines’ offensive line won the Joe Moore Award as the nation’s best during the 2021-2022 season.” Michigan lost offensive tackles Andrew Vastardis and Andrew Steuber. Head coach, Jim Harbaugh brought in Olusegun Oluwatimi, a transfer center from Virginia. Michigan will have a very good offensive line and even though they lost a few lineman, they also gained a few. This shows that if anything, Michigan improved on their award winning offensive line. The offensive line is the best part of this team. Trent Knoop had said “With the addition of Oluwatimi and the potential of Jones to go along with Ryan Hayes, Zak Zinter, and Trevor Keegan, the Michigan offensive line should be as good — if not better — than last year.”

What can Michigan improve on?

According to GBMWolverine, “Fortunately for the passing attack, there is plenty of room to improve, and that’s where we’ll start.” In 2021, Michigan’s Ronnie Bell suffered a torn ACL in week 1 which led to Michigan running the ball a lot. Michigan had 39 rushing touchdowns to only 20 passing. Since Michigan has JJ McCarthy, they should throw the ball more often. Michigan has a deep wide receiver core so they should use them. If recruits see Michigan does not throw often, they will not want to come to Michigan.

Who are the star players?

Michigan has one unanimous player who is the best.  Blake Corum is currently 3rd in the nation for Heisman odds below Hendon Hooker and CJ Stroud. So far, Blake Corum has rushed for 1,187 yards and he has 16 touchdowns. Michigan has many stars but none have been known nationwide like Blake. Blake Corums backfield mate, Donovan Edwards, is also a problem. He can run the ball and catch the ball which opens up Michigan’s offense and Blake Corum. Corum has proved that he is the best player on the team. The best player on defense is Mike Sainristil. He is a converted wide reciever to nickel corner and he is special. He committed to Virginia Tech as a corner, but switched to Michigan to be a wide receiver. He played wide receiver for 3 years and then this year, he switched to defensive back. He made this change because he realized how many good reveivers Michigan has and he wanted to play.

Will Michigan be good in the future?

Michigan recruited 23 players in 2021. The most notable player they got was cornerback Will Johnson. Isaiah Hole said “Johnson is tall, fast, athletic, instinctive, and an absolute ball hawk.” This shows that he will be a star in the making. Michigan could use major corner help and Will Johnson can be that help. If Michigan can develope these players, they will be good for a long time. Michigan should be a good team for at least a few years because of their recruits. They have sophomores, JJ McCarthy and Donovan Edwards, who already look like stars. They also have many good recruits that will improve Michigans team in later years. Another reason Michigan should be good in 2023 is because they do not play any good teams outside of the Big 10. Many people may critize Michigans schedule but they do play many strong Big 10 teams. Ohio State is a big opponent they play each year. As long as Michigan wins these “easy” games, they should be a top 10 team for a long time. People may complain about these games, but Michigan wins them and by a large amount.

What is Michigans Rating?

Michigan is rated a nine out of 10. The reason they are not a ten out of ten is because no team is perfect. They can improve in many ways including the passing game.

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