Should the PSAT be shortened?


What does the PSAT look like now?

“Though it’s digital, it is not a take-home exam.” says Sarah Wood a reporter for US News. Tests will continue to be offered during the school day or over the weekend, under the watchful eye of a proctor. Students can bring their own laptop or tablet. Use a school-issued device or borrow a device provided by the College Board. The new test will become this digital test in 2024 so, juniors now don’t have the luxury of taking the PSAT or SAT digital.

How does the test affect us?

“A time students are ready to take the SAT. They will have likely taken a class or gone over questions with a private tutor. Sat around the lunch tables with their friends discussing the test. Even taking practice versions of the test.” says Morgan Staub author at College Raptor. All of these experiences are important. Until a student sits down at the desk, it’s impossible to get a sense of what it’s like to actually take the test. You can feel nervous for the test, which is normal. Once you step into the room you know that you’re ready to take that SAT or PSAT.

Why do we take the test?

“PSAT’s are a terrific way to familiarize yourself with the content. Format and test-taking processes of the SAT. As well on get a sense of how you’ll perform on the actual exam.” says Ryan Maness and Caroline Duda. Your score can reveal which SAT content areas you may not be particularly strong in, regardless of your grades in related classes. Likewise, say you earn a 99 in your ninth grade math class and a 36 on the PSAT’s math test. You can be certain that this area is a personal strength. There are websites like Khan Academy to practice on your own. you’ll be able to see what areas you need to work on.

What is the PSAT for?

“The PSAT 8/9 designed for students in eighth and ninth grades and the PSAT 10 is for sophomores,” says Josh Moody a Reporter for the US News. The PSAT/NMSQT stands for the National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test, which the students take as a sophomore or junior. High scores can help a student land a National Merit Scholarship, which means a lot of money for college. If you get a very high score on the SAT you can earn a ton of money for rent to pay for college.

When should you take the test?

“Students have the opportunity to take the test any or all their first three years of high school. It can be confusing to know when exactly when to take the PSAT,” says Hallie Underwood a writer, editor, and reporter for Road2College. According to the College Board website, the PSAT 9 is considered a “head start”. Exam tests the same skills as the PSAT/NMSQT and the SAT, but tailored to students at an eighth and ninth grade level.

How is taking the Test?

Taking this test and understanding the results can ensure your child is on track. A great time to take the PSAT is the spring of your freshman and sophomore years. And the greatest time to take your PSAT for your junior year is in the fall. If you take your PSAT in the fall as a junior then, you will be ready to take the actual SAT in the spring.

Do you have to take the PSAT?

“Most high schools need their students to take the PSAT in the fall of junior year. Either for their own assessment or for a state rule,” says the author from The Princeton Review. Many schools additionally require the PSAT 8/9 and the PSAT 10. Check with your guidance counselor to see which ones you may need to take so you can prepare. You may not want to take the test but, most colleges need an SAT score. Some colleges don’t need test scores. That doesn’t mean you don’t have to take it, it’s always good to take it in case you change your mind about colleges.