Technology being used for school

Technology being used for school

Corbin Bennetts, Staff Writer

What benefits can you get from using technology for learning?


The technology used in education can play a big role in how people learn in the classroom. Over the last few years, technology has added more and more to how students learn. “Technology has become an integral part of the learning process in and out of the classroom,” says Edd Cuff Dept of Technology & Society, Stony Brook University. Technology can help research topics much easier for people trying to find information, “With the implementation of the Common Core Learning Standards, the skills required for research are more valuable than ever, for they are required to succeed in a college setting, as well as in the business world,” Cuff says in the article, “The Effect and importance of Technology in the Research Process.”

How can technology help people learn?


Technology in education has made a lot of successes over the years. New technologies are challenging the usual style of teaching. “New and emerging technologies challenge the traditional process of teaching and learning, and the way education is managed,” says Marcela Červeňanská. Technology can also be used for communication, “Easy worldwide communication provides instant access to a vast array of data, challenging assimilation and assessment skills,” says E-learning specialists. The idea of technology used to learn is not thought to be the best idea for some people. It could be a new way of learning in the future.

Does it actually work?

People have moved to online schools where all they need to learn is a computer. “Technology provides students with easy-to-access information, accelerated learning, and fun opportunities to practice what they learn,” from the article “How Important Is Technology in Education.” It also gives kids a different way of learning and can help them be more engaged. “Curiosity helps students get a better understanding of math and reading concepts. Creating engaging content can involve the use of AR, videos, or podcasts.” Technology can change the whole environment that kids learn in and increase interactivity; “A very important technological impact on education is increased interactivity and class engagement. In addition, better overall comprehension, practical learning, time management, and combined learning methodologies are just some of the impacts that technology has had on student learning,” from the article “How Does Technology Impact Student Learning?” Technology in the classroom seems to work for kids, but not all may benefit the same.


How accessible is the technology for everyone?

Technology is being used more and more every year with how easy it is to use and access. “The presence of educational technology is growing in the classroom. The new generation of kids come ready to work with these new technologies, which play an important role in children’s learning and acquiring various cognitive knowledge so that educational technology must be incorporated into future curricula,” says Dr. Lazar Stosic, a professional studies educator. Computers are still not used in many schools. Traditional teaching methods are still used most of the time. “Since computers are still not widely used in many schools, the teaching process is dominated by traditional methods. It is dominated by the frontal form of work where the teacher had enough interaction with students,” says Stosic. “Failure to thrive at their own pace and insufficient activity of students was one of the drawbacks of this type of learning,” says Stosic about the traditional way of teaching. Some schools are able to have computers and technology to learn in other ways, but schools without them have to stick to the traditional way of learning.

Is technology in the classroom a good idea?

With all the benefits of technology, it should be in the classroom says professional studies educators. “Today, more than ever, the role of educational technology in teaching is of great importance because of the use of information,” says Dr. Lazar Stosic. Stosic also says, “With the help of various applications for distance education, the Internet, teachers, and students themselves, they see the advantage of educational technology.” Technology can be a very helpful thing for kids learning. Ultimately, it is the school’s decision of how they want teachers to teach the kids.

At what level should kids start using technology?

When should kids actually start using technology? E-learning specialist says, “From elementary schooling to doctoral-level education, technology has become an integral part of the learning process in and out of the classroom.” Technology can be a good thing for kids of all ages as long as they are using it the right way to learn and not getting distracted.