Jenison Basketball will they have a comeback season?


Corbin Bennetts, Staff Writer

When fall comes to an end, basketball is already starting up.

Jenison Boys Basketball will be starting their season right as the fall starts to wind down. Soon enough the gym will be full of people and the crowd will be cheering. Something that there has not been much of in previous years from COVID.
Players are getting excited for this season to start and can’t wait any longer. Basketball will be starting very soon for Jenison in the next couple of weeks. The team will start working on improvements to their game.
Without a doubt, people can’t wait for the upcoming season. As many players express their feelings about the season ahead.
“Very excited to start the season. It is going to be a very fun year. The first year on varsity I can’t wait for it to start,” stated Chris VanSlamBrouck, when asked about the upcoming basketball season. It will be a lot of players’ first year on varsity. Although some like the seniors, they will have their chance to lead the team.

Season Goals

“My team goals for this season are to work hard all year and to communicate and work together as a team. If we can do that we will win be able to win more games,” says Jordan Snip on improvements for the team this year. Players are very excited for the season to start. They want to start working now so they can get better and see better results than last year at the end of the season. 
Hudsonville” was what Cam VanElst said when asked about who he is looking forward to playing. Jordan Snip says, my “favorite team to play is Hudsonville. They are our rivals and I used to go to their school so every time we play them I get excited and want to beat them.” Hudsonville is the team most people look forward to playing. They are our rivals and it is always a good game.
Dunking basketball in trash cans and listening to music. Both Chris Vamslambrouck and Jordan Snip said about how they get pumped before games. “I get hyped by listening to music and dunking a basketball in the trash can before a game with the team” Jordan Snip. “Got to have the speaker rolling with the team and if it’s on the bus I’m listening to my music. When it’s home you have to dunk the ball in a trash can in the locker room.” For these players getting locked in and hyped up before games is a very important thing for them. When games start for these players they need to be locked in and focused to see the results they want.
“I am very thrilled for this season to start,” says Cam Vanelst. That is the case for most players as the winter sports season will be here before we know it and rolling. Jenison is looking to have a very successful season. They will be looking to continue to get better throughout the year.