What JHS students do after the bell rings

What JHS students do after the bell rings

Madison Wallace, Staff Writer

After-school activities are what a lot of students partake in after the school bell rings. A question on my mind was about how students who do after-school activities manage their time. Also, why do they choose to take part in them? Three JHS students discussed this topic for the interview.
The interviewees all divide their time in different ways after school. Salma Lefrid told me all about how she divides her time after school. She said. “Since I’m involved in a lot of activities, have a part-time job, and I need to make time for my school work, my schedule can sometimes get a bit hectic and unpredictable. To combat this, I make daily to-do lists and keep track of events in a calendar or planner. It helps to see things on paper instead of relying on my memory, which can get overwhelming. I also try to avoid making commitments that overlap time-wise.”
Since each student divides their after-school time differently, they also leave at different times. They also told me when they usually leave school and go home. For Bralynn VanEss, her time varies depending on what’s going on that week. She said, “I leave school at like 3:00 and then go to the JCA and leave at like 6:45 or 7:00. Sometimes later when it gets closer to show week. Salma said that it depends on her, but the average time would be around 5 pm.

Time and the future

  When asked how long she thinks she stays at school on average per week, Salma said “I would say that I spend between 9-11 hours at school most days. Bralynn said that she spends way too much time at school. 
  Each student chose their activities for different reasons. Whether it’s because of their friends, or because they like it. Salma said why she chose to do activities. She said, “It’s good to stay busy and be a part of something bigger than myself. I’ve also made many friends and connections through after-school activities.” Bralynn chose to do theater because she wanted to be a part of shows with her friends, but not on stage. She also is in the school choir, and she chose that because she loves to sing, and has been doing so since fifth grade.
There is something that these students have in common. They’re all continuing to do after-school activities next year too. Logan Borysiak has plans to still play his sport in college. He said, “I’m going to college next year but yes I am still doing lacrosse.” Salma and Bralynn also said that they were planning on doing their activities next year.

Reasons for activity participation 

These students explained why they like the activities they’re involved in. Salma said, “I like the activities I’m involved in because it provides me with opportunities to both utilize my strengths, and also challenges my weaknesses.”
Each student does something different after the final bell of the day rings. Whether it’s theater, a sport, or something else, after-school activities can bring all kinds of students together.