The varsity soccer games in the districts


Frieder Howe, Staff Writer

In this article we will find out how the varsity soccer session went for Jenison. The results of the two varsity soccer districts We will also take a closer look at soccer in the US and the world.

The soccer season in Jenison started on August of the 21. The first game was with a guest at Mona Shorts it ended up with a draw.  The last game was at home against Grand Haven on October the 5. At the end Jenision and Grand Haven  split up with a two to one for Grand Haven.  The varsity soccer season faced challenges this season as the  Jenison team faced multiple injuries and illnesses.

The varsity soccer team had 24 players of which 12 were seniors. Owen Snider was the number one goalie during the season and district games. The Seniors celebrating their last night as part of the team on the fifth of October at their banquet.  

The first district game against Wyoming was the first time Jenison played Wyoming in the season. The game was at home and it was on the 19 of October.  Jenison senior, Joey Schavey stated “We started well in the game and we did well in the first 10 min”. Jenison dominated the entire first game but then got sloppy”. In the 47th minute Esteban Garcia scored the final goal for Jenision. The result of this game was a one to zero win against Wyoming.  Jenison now advanced to the semi finals.  Joey Schavey stated, “in the last or final two weeks we have had to deal with a lot of sickness and injuries”.

The second varsity soccer game in the districts was a semi final game against West Ottawa. This was not the first time Jenison played against West Ottawa. This will be the third game against West Ottawa, with Jenison losing previous match-ups (with the scores being 0-4 and 0-2).  Senior Braydon Blake stated ” Our movement of the ball is pretty good, the chemistry and the team has come together.”  Braydon Blake further stated “that we could have done better with our transition offense and our finish in general.” West Ottawa scored in the 19th minute. Joey Schavey stated, ”we all played our hardest in this game and lost but, in the end we all tried our hardest”.

With Jenison out the final district game was now against West Ottawa and Grand Haven. Grand Haven won the finale in a penalty shoot out with a five to four victory against West Ottawa.    

 From the website Question  it is said that in the world four billion people support soccer. In fact some may say soccer is the most popular sport in the world.  Generally speaking soccer in the United States is the third largest sport. United States soccer growth has grown with players from top leagues in europe playing in the states. In the top league we now have more than 36 Americans. The world cup will next be held in North America in 2026. The United States, Canada, and Mexico will be the host. This tournament will host 46 teams as they play for their countries. The USA soccer world cup team won the world cup in 2019. This is now two times in a row and four in general. 

This was a shot view in the soccer world at Jennision and the USA.

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