Covid-19’s impact on Jenison’s spring sports


Camden Knaak, Staff Writer

Sports during Covid-19

Jenison High School has many athletes excited for their spring seasons to start especially after last spring’s Covid-19 outbreak. Spring sports are still on track to start and expected to start in March. Fall sports were able to occur and played out well without any issues. After expected outbreaks during the holidays, Winter sports took a hit with restrictions.

Covid-19 got worse recently after the holidays. As it continues to spread, it threatens many lives and activities. Schools were hit the most and student activities are at risk. It affected Winter sports and some worry that spring sports will too.

Sports playability

Covid-19 makes the season for spring sports look strict. While fall sports occurred, Covid-19 spiked in cases during the holidays, spring and winter sports might take the hit. Not to mention some students to participate even if the sports continue as planned.

“As of right now, I believe they will happen. But, I do not believe they will happen on time / the normal schedule,” says Ian Brauning, a Jenison Senior

Athletics or academics?

Worried students want to focus more on their studies instead of wanting to play spring sports. At this point, due to Covid-19, students worry more about their academic careers than playing sports. Despite this, some restrictions placed may still allow them to play.

“I will not be participating in spring sports this year. I feel that I need to focus on my academic and work career and I also need to save for college,” says Connor Grypma, a former Varsity Baseball Player.

Sports restrictions

Restrictions placed on sports may vary but will most likely be in place to guarantee the safety of the students. These restrictions are an issue all over the country for people to follow. They need to become enforced now more than ever, especially for sports. Even still the season is not a guarantee for all athletes.

“I believe if the spring sports startup, then they will be good to go if they have proper boundaries and restrictions. I know it’s a pain to wear a mask in sports such as basketball, but I agree with the boundaries and there’s not much else we could do at this point.” Connor Grypma stated during an interview.

Cancelled sports?

The season still has a possibility of cancelation completely. Contact sports are the most at risk for being shut down while sports that don’t have much contact will have a much higher chance of being able to play and see their entire season through. Still, no information given out, making the spring sports season undetermined.

Caden DeWent, a Varsity Lacrosse player, said

“I think there is still a good chance of the season being turned down. Since, it is my senior year, I’m hoping to get the chance to play with the team and be on the field one last time.””

— Caden Dewent

This year was not easy for many students, and it is tough for them to see their sports season canceled. For most this isn’t as big of a deal as it is to seniors, especially if they play a spring sport. The 2019-2020 season stopped because Covid-19 had just become a huge concern. If the 2020-2021 season is also cut short, seniors miss out on two years worth of their sport that they play.

After all the precautions taken, we can only wait. Only time will tell what happens with spring sports and what effect Covid-19 will have on them.