Governor Whitmer Signs order Reopening Gyms and Pools.

Is Governor Whitmer taking a risk reopening the Gyms?

Is Governor Whitmer taking a risk reopening the Gyms?

Andre Mendoza, Staff Writer


She signed an order to reopen gyms and pools. The gyms and pools closed since March. People now have the chance to get to the gym again doing their workouts, but there are rules that you have to follow to minimize the COVID-19 and to prevent COVID-19 in Michigan. 

“I urge everyone who plans to hit the gym after these orders go into effect to take these precautions more serious and do everything in their power to protect themselves and their families. Be smart, and stay safe,””

— Governor Whitmer

said Governor Whitmer 

Gym patrons need to give their name and phone number, or they can not enter the gym. Indoor pools limited at 25%, while outdoor pools remained capped at 50% to reduce the spread of COVID-19.

High School Football Season already started in September 18. The association also noted competitions could start immediately for boys soccer and on Wednesday for girls swimming, diving, and volleyball.

“Individuals can now choose whether or not to play organized sports, and if they do choose to play, this order requires strict safety measures to reduce risk,””

— Dr. Joneigh Khaldun

Chief Medical Executive Dr. Joneigh Khaldun said Thursday.

High School Athletes are at high risk of getting the COVID-19, especially the football season already started because it’s a contact and physical sport. Soccer are at risk too.

Athletes now excited for their season but the question is, how long will the season last due to this pandemic going on right now?


All of us still need to be more safe. This virus is now stronger and deadlier, we need to stop that, we have to find a cure as soon as possible. Why do we need to reopen the gym? I get that to get the business back up and keep our economy on a steady pace.

But it’s just risky to be inside the gym because people use the equipment, they get all sweaty after they use it and it’s all sweaty. Why can’t they just workout at home? Or outside their house? You can save time and money from driving all the way to the gym and coming back. You have to pay a monthly fee just to go there.



“As we begin to start organized sports back up again, I urge school districts and athletic associations to do everything in their power to protect players, coaches, and staff. That means listen close following the guidelines released today by DHHS,” said Governor Whitmer.


It’s still a risk to reopen the gyms. When people get tired, they experience excessive breathing, excessive sweating, excessive coughing because of what workout their doing. Everything is a risk nowadays.

“We know that there is pressure … on our business owners, as well as our decision makers,” said Governor Whitmer

I know there is a connection in reopening gyms and bars. Because in gyms, people working out and after they use that equipment they get dizzy, or just a difficulty breathing. In bars, people are old and they already have health issues but they won’t take care of it.

Governor Whitmer reopening gyms and theatre with strict safety precautions. What does she have to sign next?