Time For a Change

Time For a Change

Skylar Brandt, Staff Writer

Seeking school schedule

  Schools interesting if you had good classes but also learn what you want to. Some classes you have to take but for electives you  allowed to choose want you want. If you start that class and say I do not like it or I do not understand it then you have a choice to switch it. Be happy with what you choose.

    Switching classes can make you distraught but it could change what you feel. It could be a great but it could be not the best decision. It would only be an enjoyable if you do not enjoy learning about the topic. If you have to switch classes then it should be a teacher that you want or a class that you will enjoy. Learning what you want will help you achieve your future career.

     Some kids have a tough time focusing, or being able to understand the teachers and the class. So switching classes can be great for you. Some kids do not want to switch because of new people in that class or they worry about not having friends in that class. “Do what you love, do not let people change it,” quoted by Venessa Boonstra.

“Do what you love, do not let people change it, ”

— Venessa Boonstra

     In the hallways you hear people talking about classes, well sometimes that might say that the class is not fun if it is the teacher or the class in general. You can not always go by what a friend tells you about that specific teacher. Your friends are not always right you have to go out and see for yourself. So if you do not like the class or if it is not right for you then switch classes. Before switching classes you should have an idea of what you want to learn about so if you end up wanting to switch you can go to your guidance counselor and ask if you could switch. It never hurts to ask to switch. Another great quote from Venessa Boonstra, “Keep moving forward from the pain of the past.”

   Almost 1 out of 3 teens get bored in class because it is not what they want to learn about. About 46% of high school students think that what they learn  will be relevant to what they will do after high school. Not many of students know what they will do after high school but if they want to be an art teacher then why take art if you do not like it. Would you want to take a class that you will use after high school like taking a gym class if you wanna be in an athletic career. Do not take something that you do not want to take or do not need in the future. Take something you enjoy if you do not know what you will do in the future. “Forgive others, forgive yourself do not hold back your inner beauty,” quoted by Venessa Boonstra.

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“Forgive others, forgive yourself do not hold back your inner beauty”

— Venessa Boonstra

   Change classes if you want to. You need to have a life that involves you living it the way you want and to learn about what you want to. You can not let others define you. Do what you please and love what you do. Leave it to the future forget the past and be you.

   Do you want to take something you do not have to take. Do not be afraid to put your opinion out there. Never let other people define you. Be who you want to be not who your friends think you should be, if that means switching classes then do it because that means your yourself. Find the right class and you will be happy. 

   School can be a magical place if you try but if you do not it will just end up not liking it and it will make you feel not very smart to the point of avoiding school. If you have the right classes and the right teachers that will help guide you through the 4 years of high school.

   School? What is school? School is useless unless you have the right classes. The better classes that you take the better school will be.