The Second Senior Survivor will start soon


Last school year, student council began a new tradition, senior survivor. This is a spin off of the hit CBS show ‘Survivor’. Seniors stay the night at the high school for the entire Pink Out week as they compete in challenges and they raise money by selling goods to the student body.

Senior Survivor introduced themselves to the student body through an introduction video.

cc: click here for the youtube video

The video starred some student council members. In the video they explained all of the rules of Senior Survivor.

Last year they had 8 contestants compete. They spent 3 nights at the high school. Starting on Super Bowl Sunday, the seniors arrived to the high school with their belongings (phones and car keys were prohibited as that will be a violation of the rules). They were periodically eliminated based off the challenges and the money raised through selling food to the student body. Some of the challenges included the “Blindfolded money scatter reward challenge”, “Dum-Dum tasting reward challenge”, and the “Puzzle scavenger hunt challenge”. The final challenge took place during the Pink Out assembly. The challenge was the “Egg roulette trivia challenge”. At the end, Anna Norton was crowned the first senior survivor.

Now the 2020 Senior Survivor is right around the corner. This February, a selected amount of seniors will compete in Senior Survivor. The seniors will be taking on some brand new games that will involve themselves and the whole student body. Student Council members that are working hard on this year’s senior survivor would not reveal this year’s set of challenges to me so expect some surprises for this year’s senior survivor.

Last year, senior survivor raised a grand total of $5,419.14 for Pink Out. Amber English, Ashlynn Tower and Rylee Webb presented the check at the 2019 Pink Out Game. This year their goal is to raise even more money for a great cause.

“Senior Survivor is an incredible way to fundraise for Pink Out, it brings you closer to people in your grade that you might not know super well, and it’s a ton of fun!”- Mary Persak.

During the school day, seniors will be selling goods to the student body through out the week. Some goods that were sold last year was candy, donuts, scrunchies, and more. The more a senior sells, the longer they get to stay in the game. If you are not a senior this year, make sure to bring your money to school. That way you can be a part of senior survivor while raising money for Pink Out.

“Senior Survivor is a great way to unite the seniors and the rest of the student body to raise money for Breast Cancer.”- Ella Kooy.

You can stay updated with senior survivor through their YouTube channel. Amber English edits footage from senior survivor each day and posts it on YouTube for the student body to view and enjoy. To check out their YouTube channel and watch last year’s vlogs and watch the 2020 senior survivor in February, click right here.