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2019-2020 Staff

Brooke Hill

Brooke Hill is a junior at Jenison High School. She enjoys playing with her dogs and hanging out with her friends. Her favorite activity is sleeping since her bed is very comfortable.

Caden C. Ward

Caden Christopher Ward is a Junior at Jenison Senior High. He likes playing board games and loves music. He is also in the Jenison Marching Band, who are three time MCBA State champions.

Trenton Cleveland

Trenton is in 11th grade and plays on the varsity hockey team.  He enjoys hanging out with friends on his free time and going to drop in hockey whenever he has the chance.  Trenton enjoys volunteering and is apart of a non profit organization known...

Skylar Brandt

Skylar Brandt is a sophomore at Jenison High School. She likes going to the mall with her friends. She loves spending time with her family. Her interests are to go camping and fishing.

Troy Baker

Troy is in 11th grade. Troy is in robotics. He is in his Junior year. He is enrolled in the tech center for construction.

Chase Frederickson

Chase has a family of 4 two sisters and his parents. He also has a dog named Gypsy he sometimes enjoys writing. He's a big reader and for some reason has to write this in 3rd person.

Tieran Vlietstra

He is a chaotic neutral who loves messing with people and getting them to smile. You might know him as the long haired boy who screams in the hall at random intervals and loves to eat lasagna on mondays. No affiliation.

Taylor Bergakker

Taylor Bergakker is currently in 12th grade and attends Jenison High School, she enjoys drawing and anatomy and is a hostess at Cracker Barrel.

Tegan Perry

Tegan Perry is a Junior at Jenison High school. She enjoys art and being creative, she has taken every art class available to her at the high school and is planning on attending the tech center next year. Tegan also plays hockey for the 19u Grand Rapids...

Ethan Duimstra

Ethan is a Junior at Jenison High school. Ethan enjoys playing basketball and hanging out with friends and family.

Glevince Molenje

Glevince Molenje is a junior at Jenison High School. She plays soccer and runs track for the school. She enjoys hanging out with her friends and doing spontaneous activities.

Liana Kaiser

Liana Kaiser is in 11th grade. She participates in Girls in STEM and enjoys drawing, photography, and hanging out with friends. She’s interested in pursuing a career that involves design and/or writing.

William Ward

William Ward is a junior at Jenison High School. He runs varsity track and he's in DECA and MAS. He enjoys playing video games and hanging out with friends on the weekend. 

Isaac Deleon

Isaac Deleon is in the 11th grade at Jenison High School. He is interested in fishing, football, and soccer.

Molly Bydalek

Molly Bydalek is a Senior. She enjoys hanging out with her family and friends. She also enjoys volunteering at Compassionate Heart Ministries. Molly is involved in NHS and is on the Jenison swim team.  

Alex Schmidt

Alex Schmidt 11th grade He is involved in baseball, lifting, football, and he reads a lot. His interests include counseling and being a athletic trainer. Alex Schmidt

Melia Brewer

Melia is a junior who plays plays for the varsity volleyball and is involved in National Honors Society and Peer to Peer club. She enjoys spending time with her family and friends.

Julia Heagle

Julia is a 17 year-old junior who plays soccer and sings in choir at her school. She enjoys being outside and spending time with her family and friends.

Shelby Blonk

Shelby Blonk is in 12th grade. She's part of NHAS (National Arts Honors Society). Her interests include art, writing, music, and psychology.

Quinten Curtis

Quinten Curtis is in the 12th grade. His interests are: weight lifting, drawing, playing video games, and cooking.

Kaylynn Warners

The writers name is Kaylynn Warners and she is a Junior at Jenison. She’s involved in Peer-to-Peer, LINKS, NAHS, and SPARK. Some of her interests babysitting, hanging out with family and friends, shopping, and also baking  and cooking.

Taylor Maciejewski

Taylor Maciejewski is a Senior at Jenison High School. She likes to be involved in creating the School Yearbook as well as taking pictures. On her free time she loves to hangout with friends and play with her two dogs.

Jenny Mastbergen

Jenny Mastbergen is a student at JHS. Jenny is in 11th grade. She is included in Art Club and has many interests including: reading, fishing, and traveling.

Lexi Hillis

Lexi Hillis is a sophomore at Jenison High School.  She is a track runner, enjoys traveling and taking photos, and currently works as a hostess at a local chinese restaurant.

Ryleigh Fisher

Ryleigh is a senior at Jenison High School. She enjoys traveling, babysitting, and meeting new people! She has participated in multiple sports including competitive cheer and track and field. Ryleigh is also a member of NTHS.

Jada DuBois

Jada is 18 and a senior at the Jenison High School. Jada is in color guard. Jada loves animals and has a dog.

Juliana Hart

Juliana Hart is a sophomore at Jenison High School during the 2019-2020 school year. During school hours, she enjoys writing, learning French, and being with her friends. Once school is over, she dances at Grand Rapids Ballet and enjoys strawberry-banana...

David Utting

David Utting. Senior. Part of the Big Ballaz intramural Basketball team. Played Varsity Football for Jenison for two years.  Interested in Basketball and Football. David Is looking to pursue a degree in history and is planning to attend Grand Valley...

Hunter Grigsby

Hunter is a senior in high school that will leave Michigan as soon as the school year is over to become a soldier of the United States of America. Hunter currently practices boxing and working as an employee at Fazoli's. Even though Hunter does not like...

Roberto Corlatti

His name is Roberto, he is in 12th grade and plays football in the Junior Varsity team of the High School. He enjoys studying foreign languages and cultures and spending his free time with friends.

Jarod VanderVeen

Jarod VanderVeen is a senior this year. He enjoys drumming, making music, and spending time with family and friends.

Madi Silveus

Madi Silveus is a senior at JHS. Madi enjoys writing, singing, acting, and hanging out with friends. When she is not busy with work or school she spends her time working as an intern at Children's Creations Theater for Kids where she first started acting...

Jennah Angel

Jennah is in 12th grade and participates in the band. She has interests in science and math and plans to pursue a career as a doctor after college.

Hannah Tuinman

Hannah is a senior at Jenison High School. She is a thespian and has ADHD and Asperger syndrome, a type of autism. She hopes to go to Aquinas College or Grand Valley State University next fall.

Brady Deyman

Brady is a senior at Jenison High School.  In his free time, he enjoys playing basketball and hanging out with his friends.  In his future, he plans on continuing working for his family business.

Josh Nielsen

Josh is currently a Junior at Jenison High School. He is a member of the High school's varsity football team. He loves hanging with friends and making music.

Cam Leedy

This is Cam, he is a senior, he likes Chinese food, he is just taking this class for the credit.

Jaiben Dyke

Jaiben is an outdoor person that loves to hunt and fish. He is a senior this year. Hanging out with friends and spending time with his family is something he values. He is enrolled in the tech center for public service and security, hoping to become an...

Nickolas Walters

Nick walters is in 11th grade. He's involved in cross country and track and field. He has his own side company making custom wood products.

Ethan Bultema

Ethan is in 11th grade and does track and intramurals for basketball. Ethan likes basketball, football, and playing video games.

Mateo Randol

Mateo is a senior that likes to play video games and go on walks with his dogs.

Jayden Middlecamp

Jayden is a senior and 17 years old. Jayden's hobbies include music, photography, and art. In her free time, Jayden enjoys hanging out with friends and going to concerts.

Michael Care

Michael is a Junior this year. He plays football, basketball and lacrosse.  Michael only does the fullest of sends, always for the boys.

Brandon Pepper

This is Brandon Pepper. He loves the beach, and also loves to surf. Brandon loves being a leader for his church and loves to lead arc surf camp. Brandon is a proud lifeguard and is willing to save lives!

Tobias Hollen

Tobias is a senior at Jenison High School. Tobias participates in the pit orchestra, marching band, wind symphony, and is a member of NHS.

Taylor McConnell

Taylor is a Junior this year. She was involved in sideline and competitive cheerleading her 8th-10th grade. Taylor is interested in photography and psychology. Taylor loves being outdoors and going on adventures.

Collin Fuller

Collin goes to the Holland tech center. Collin also enjoys working on cars and RC cars.

Corrine Vainavicz

Corrine is a Senior who works at Stir Fry Express and Georgetown Little League. She enjoys going to the tech center for cosmetology.

Allison Kellogg

Allison is a Junior who plays for the varsity girls basketball team and the varsity girls lacrosse team. She works at Georgetown little league and the courthouse athletic center in Byron center.

Lily Flashaar

Lily is a senior and involved in soccer and track. She likes to go to the beach in the summer and snowboard in the winter.

Jadelicia Feliciano

Jadelicia Feliciano just entered 12th grade and loves babysitting, working and is very interested in nursing.

Gabrielle Hendel

Gabrielle is a senior at Jenison High School.  She is a member of the Jenison varsity water polo and dance team.  Outside of school she enjoys spending time outdoors, with family and friends, surfing, water skiing, and running.

Matt Huizenga

Matt is currently a senior enrolled at Jenison Sr. High School. He is involved in Student Council, Theater, Basketball, Baseball, DECA, and more! Matt plans on attending Grand Valley State University after high school.

Nick Rathsack

Nick is currently a senior at Jenison High School. He participates in football, hockey, golf, festival of plays, and has done DECA in the past. Nick enjoys hanging out with friends and cooking when he is not in school. When he graduates he hopes to study...

Nick Warwick

Nick is currently enrolled at Jenison High School as a Senior, Nick enjoys hanging out with friends and playing sports/being activate on the daily. Nick plays Varsity Baseball and also enjoys playing any sport with his friends or family. Nick loves to...

Allison Kachel

Allison is a Senior. She is in several clubs including Multicultural Advancement Scholars, GSA, and the National Art Honors Society. She enjoys drawing, listening to music, and playing video games.

Danielle Timmer

Danielle is a senior at Jenison High School. She a member of the Jenison varsity swim and water polo team. She enjoys spending time with friends, family, and listening to music.

Nathan Ross

Nathan is a Junior, he is involved in Football, Basketball, Baseball. Nathan enjoys the outdoors especially Fishing and Hunting.

Kameron Schnick

The Fast and Furious franchise is nothing new. They just kicked off the opening weekend to their eighth movie. Fast and Furious is an action-packed series where the main characters Brian and Dom do everything from racing races on the streets to stealin...