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2018-2019 Staff

Christian St. Arnold

Christian is a junior at Jenison High School. Outside of school, he is an artist and a drummer. Having gone to three different high schools, he has always found it difficult to make friends. Will you be friends with Christian? He is desperate.


Triniti Stanton is a junior at Jenison High School. She loves to cheer, unfortunately, she injured her knee which cost her this season in cheer. Triniti hopes to have a successful recovery so that she may cheer next season. Triniti loves math and hopes...

Wyatt Boss

Wyatt Boss is a senior at Jenison High School.  He plays varsity soccer and varsity golf at Jenison and plans to go to Grand Valley State University after graduation.  Some of his interests are fishing, playing pong hockey, and disc golf.

Ashley Grihorash

Ashley Grihorash is a senior at Jenison High School. Ashley use to play volleyball and played club volleyball for Impact. Ashley works at Pet Supplies Plus and loves seeing dogs every day. Ashley enjoys staying organized and writing in calendars and note...

Daniel Hyson

Daniel, 12th grade, does not like to talk about self THAT'S ALL FOLKS!

Sammy Pozan

Sammy Pozan is a senior at Jenison High School and enjoys working at the Hairport helping her employees check out their clients and schedule their new ones. Sammy also attends the Tech Career Line Center for Cosmetology, she will than further her studies...

Josh Boelens

Josh is a junior at Jenison High School. He likes to hang out with friends. He can't wait to graduate.

Natalie Sytsma

Natalie Sytsma is a Junior at Jenison High School. She is a goalie on the Jenison Water Polo team. She also loves being outside and hiking.


Angel Stewart is an 11th grader who loves to run and spend time with friends.

Cierra Bolkema

Cierra Bolkema is a sophomore who enjoys hammocking, hanging out with friends, and watching Marvel movies.

Madisyn Van Horssen

Madisyn Van Horssen is a junior at Jenison High school. She loves doing activities outdoors. She loves animals and loves going to the zoo to see them. Madisyn also loves playing and helping out with kids.

Hanita Nguyen

Hanita Nguyen is a junior at Jenison High School. Shes participated in student council for three years now. Some of her hobbies include doing nails, hanging with friends and family, going to the zoo, and watching Netflix.

Tori Pavlak

Tori is a Junior at Jenison High School. She enjoys hanging out with friends, going camping, and going skiing. Tori sings every week with youth group praise team at her church. She also volunteers weekly at a bible club ministry downtown for inner city...

Hailey Goulooze

Hailey Goulooze is a senior at Jenison High School and she enjoys working at Sunset Manor as a Resident Aide. Hailey enjoys hanging out with friends on the weekends. Hailey goes to Careerline Tech Center for dental and wishes to continue with dental in...

Summer Raymond

Summer is in 11th grade at Jenison. Shes participated in Color guard since 2015! When she gets time away from practice, she enjoys spending time at her best friends house. Over the summer, she loves going to local parks to hammock with her friends and...

Paige Sikkema

Paige is a senior at Jenison High School. There, she participates in the pit orchestra and Art club. She enjoys traveling, art, playing her violin and ukulele, singing, and studying the Spanish language.

Caleb Kortman

Caleb Kortman is a senior at Jenison High School. He enjoys playing soccer and hanging out with friends.


Enrique Gonzalez is 18 years old, and he plays football, basketball, and runs track for Jenison High School. He also loves spending time with his family and friends.

Luca Pham

Luca Pham is a Freshman Staff Writer for the Wildcat Roar. He is involved in Band, Orchestra, and Science Olympiad. His interest includes long walks on the beach carrying his backpack into class.

Christian Fuller

Christian Fuller is a junior at Jenison High School. He likes watching football, hockey, and baseball. He also enjoys riding bikes and jogging early in the morning.

John Zandbergen

I'm 17 years old i'm a senior here at Jenison. I'm in co-op and go to work the second half of the day. I'm intrested in hunting and working on vehicles. I really like to just work in general. I'm really ready to be done with school and work full time...

Kyle Reiser

Kyle Reiser is in 12th grade. He is involved with Marching Band and other music-related activities.

Eli Anderson

Eli is Senior at JHS. He is a football player, DECA and SQA member.  

Claudia TenElshof

Claudia TenElshof is a sophomore and will graduate in 2021. She runs cross country for Jenison and loves traveling and dogs.

Grace Weeldreyer

Grace is 15  years old and is a Junior at Jenison High School. She is involved in Marching Band, Tennis and golf. Grace loves being outdoors, playing sports, traveling and hanging out with friends and family....

DJ Elliott

David Joseph Amadaeus Elliott XXVI is one of the few intellectuals. Raised by an Asian mom, he has a high tolerance for general 'goofy' and he is a clout chaser. He will be feat. in a song with ericffa dropping Oct. 19 and insists that you all give it...

Abby Perrien

Abby Perrien is a junior at Jenison High School. She is on the golf and tennis team but outside of school likes to play wiffle ball with her pals. Abby also loves doggos and hiking.

Allie Wiegand

Allie is a Senior at Jenison High School. She enjoys hanging with friends when she isn't doing homework or working on the weekends. She likes going downtown and to the beach and taking hikes. Her favorite food is subs and could eat them all day long.

Lily Kissinger

Lily is a junior at JHS. She is involved in the marching band and plays the piccolo. In her free time, she plays kickball with her team, be with her 2 dogs, and work on her photography.

Skylar Flatt

Skylar Flatt, a junior in Jenison High School, has been dancing for 8 years. In her free time, she's either hanging out with friends or working at Panera. She enjoys car rides and listening to music.

Elisabet Suhum

She is a senior in Jenison High school. She enjoys art and reading in her spare time. She has two cats that she loves.

Raquel Desouza

Raquel is a senior at Jenison High School. Raquel plays Lacrosse.  

Maddie Bowman

Maddie Bowman is a senior here at Jenison High School. She participates in the marching band during the fall and winter guard during the winter sports season. Maddie loves spending her time not doing her school work and binging tv shows on Netflix.

Eli Anderosn

Eli Anderson is a  Senior football player who enjoys hunting, playing video-games and hanging out with friends.

Hai-Phuong Nguyen

  Hai-Phuong is currently in 12th grade at Jenison High School. He does not participate in any school activities. However, he wants to find a club he can fit in. He has interests in computer technology, space, and science in general. He hopes...

Dylan Bray

Dylan Bray is a 12th grader who loves to fish, watch football and boxing, and loves nature. He is involved in DECA and that's it.

Malachi Smith

Malachi Smith is a junior at Jenison High School. He plays Soccer and Football. He doesn't do his homework all the time. Yet, he always has time to hang out with friends.

Collyn Parmeter

Collyn Parmeter is 17 and he likes to play sports, fish, and hang out with friends and family....

Clarence Molenje

Clarence is a senior who is on the Jenison soccer team and track team. He also participates in DECA and Orchestra. He can juggle and solve the Rubik's cube....

Matthew Blackburn

 Matthew Blackburn is in eleventh grade enjoys cross country and video games.

Justin Vanderhoef

Justin Vanderhoef is a senior at Jenison High School. He likes sports and events that are going on (ex. art prize). Justin played soccer for 10 years and is now just focusing on things outside of school. Justin hasn't done any clubs before but is enjoying...

Peter Leavenworth

Peter Leavenworth is a senior at JHS. Peter is currently engaged in school theater production for "Robin Hood and the Heroes of Sherwood Forrest". He enjoys hiking, art, and video games.

Jacob Colegrove

Jacob Colegrove is a senior from Jenison High School. He spends three hours a day in the career line tech center for the Electrical Program. He also works at Little Caesars during the entirety of the week. Jacob plays Track and Field during the springtime....

Brenden LeVasseur

Brenden is a senior at Jenison High School. He loves to be involved and go to Jenison's sports games. Brenden wants to go to college to become a mechanic. He loves music and hammocking with friends. His favorite sports are football and hockey. He enjoys...

Logan Bowen

My name is Logan Bowen, I like to run and watch the New York Giants.  I also love New York City.

Leah VandenBerg

Leah VandenBerg is in 11th grade. leah VandenBerg is involved in Cross Country. leah VandenBerg is interested in Culinary.

Caroline Huistra

Caroline Huistra is in 11th grade. Caroline is involved in soccer and basketball. Caroline is interested in special Ed and helping others.

Joey Urban

Joey Urban is a senior at Jenison High School. He enjoys video games a lot. Joey also likes to hang out with friends when he gets the chance.

Grace Heys

Grace Heys is a Junior at Jenison, is involved in gymnastics and coaching, interest is volunteering with Special Olympics and hanging with friends.

Paulina Quizena

Paulina Quizena has been a student at Jenison High School for two years, this being her Senior year, as she had previously gone to Kenowa Hills for her first 11 years of schooling. Paulina has been dancing for 12 years through the Academy of Dance Arts,...

dayton lewis

Dayton Lewis is in 12th grade and he works at the win tavern 33

Drew Bobeldyk

Drew Bobeldyk is a junior who plays hockey on Jenison's hockey team. He also participates in DECA. When he's not working or playing hockey, he enjoys golfing and hanging out with his friends.  

Isabel Cantu

Isabel Cantu is a senior. She enjoys film. A lot. She is interested in being a screenplay writer when she grows up. She is interested in makeup, but only as a side hobby. That's just about it. Isabel also dabbles in theatre.

Nick Husar

I'm Nick Husar. I am 17 years old and I enjoy watching sports, mostly football. I also, enjoy playing video games with my brother. He is 14 and a freshman in high school. I am into cars as well. I enjoy driving fast.  

Andrew Kemp

  Andrew is a professional cool guy who indulges in many extreme activities such as playing video games and laying down for extended periods of time. He's a Junior at Jenison High-School.

Mycah Kasper

Mycah Kasper is a student at Jenison High school in 11th grade. She participates in the swim and dive team and the water polo team. She loves the beach and dogs.  

Taleahia Sanderson

Taleahia is a 17-year-old senior and is very ready to graduate. She spends her free time petting dogs, Spencer is the dog in the picture. When she's not with dogs she's either, spending time with her friends or babysitting her nieces and nephews. Taleahia...


Jude is in 11th grade, is in marching band, and likes music and drawing.

Taylor Doyle

Taylor Doyle is a current student at Jenison High school, she is expected to graduate May of 2019. Taylor is certified in CPR bloodborne pathogens, and first aid, as well as a CNA certification and an expected CCMA certification May 2019.

Michael Stearns

Michael Stearns is a senior at the high school of Jenison. He enjoys hanging out with his friends and just having #fun. Michael also enjoys drawing during his free time.

Emilie Weyhmiller

Emilie Weyhmiller is a senior a Jenison High School and attends tech center for advanced healthcare.   She's on the swim and dive team as well as the water polo team. She enjoys hanging out with friends and eating pizza.

George Prisecaru

George Prisecaru enjoys hanging out with the boys and spending time outside, his favorite topic is social studies and he is currently a senior in high school.

Hailey Postma

Hailey Postma goes to Jenison High School and loves to go camping. During the summer, she spends lots of time camping all around Michigan. Her favorite place to go is Pentwater. Hailey also has a pet cat.

Jenna Hillary

Jenna is a senior at Jenison High school and has two sisters. Jenna runs cross country in the fall and plays soccer in the spring. She really enjoys hanging out with friends, snowboarding and running.

Emily Potter

  Emily Potter is a senior at Jenison High School.  Emily has been playing piano for 12 years and plays the french horn in the band.  Emily loves art and music and wants to be a teacher one day.  Emily goes to the Teacher Academy at the tech...