Who will be the Next Top Hyper Car Company?

Who will prevail on top for the next best hypercar? Will it be the Koenigsegg Jesko or with it be the Bugatti Voiture la Noire? These cars revealed at the Geneva motor show March 7th, 2019 as the stars of this show. They showed all kinds of new technology, especially in the Koenigsegg. The Koenigsegg has a seven clutch transmission with a twin turbo hybrid motor that has 1,300 horsepower. The Bugatti has the same motor as the Bugatti Chiron. It is a 14,000 horsepower quad turbo W16 motor. So nothing new to the Bugatti other than a different design and a 13 million dollar price tag. Here are some thoughts my interviewees had to say about the event.

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Koenigsegg Jesko.

“The Bugatti’s styling has the Koenigsegg beat with the sharp edges and body lines, said Kaidin Roden. The cars looks are personal preference they are both fast either way. Either design supports the cars specific needs for their design.

“The name for the Koenigsegg was weird and random, ” said Noah Dykstra. The name of this car is Christian’s dad’s name because he is the biggest supporter of his company because he was there from the start. The last interviewee said this.

“Bugatti will put up a good run against Koenigsegg because Bugatti owns the second top speed record, ” said Henry Dykstra. If Bugatti did not change any big issues from the last model they will not beat Koenigsegg because Koenigsegg had to jump through big hoops to get where they are at right now. The last quote was one that I liked from the Developer himself.

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Bugatti Voiture la Noire.

“We have a record-breaking car we just built, ” said Christian Von Koenigsegg. He said that this car can break 300 miles per hour. Both cars are record-breaking cars, but which one do you think will come out on top? These cars, either way, are cars that will be so much faster than your average Lamborghini, Ferrari, Porsche, and Mclarens. There is a reason why these cars been number one and two on the top speed list. Both cars have a top speed of over 250 miles per hour and over 1,200 horsepower so the will be the average 750 horsepower exotics. The Bugatti model, based off of the Chiron power train they released back in 2016 at the Geneva Motorshow. Koenigsegg has it looks from previous cars they have made before this one they have looked from the Reagera the Agera and the CCx. There is this race track called the Nurburgring where all automakers go to benchmark their new cars. Look at the race track below.

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They do it for stats, so that way they can keep their cars competing against other automakers and tune to make corrections as needed for the consumers. Koenigsegg now holding the current lap time record with the Agera Rs. Bugatti’s competitive edge tried to beat Koenigsegg for several years and came short many times. Right now everyone wants to see who will prevail as next top hypercar of the century. Who do you think will get the fastest lap time at the Nurburgring? Most people lean towards Koenigsegg because they currently hold the top speed record. But some people learn towards Bugatti because they want to see the mighty Koenigsegg go down in flames. Either way, either car is a monster and will beat out any other competition in their path, but these two companies will be a rivalry for a long time.

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