AP Statistics
AP Statistics

AP Statistics: a great starting point for AP enthusiasts

“Just another hard math class.” - Thomas T

January 15, 2019

Do you have plans on taking AP classes in the near future? At Jenison High School, they offer a variety of AP classes for you to choose from. The AP classes available at this school are AP Physics, AP Chemistry, AP English, etc. However, you still need a class to look forward to? AP Statistics provides a great opportunity for those that are brand new to AP classes. You can take this class whether you are in your sophomore, junior, or senior year (as I did).

Working together as a team!

So why is this crucial? You may have reasons to join a different class other than an AP class. Yet, if you’re looking to challenge yourself at school, but AP classes appear tough to you. AP Statistic provides the perfect middle ground. It balances the quantity of work assigned to you and complicated subjects to learn. This AP class help eases you into taking more AP classes in the future and grant you an opportunity to earn college credit. If all of this looks appealing to you. An unexpected bonus is that you are told that all you need is prior experience in Algebra 2A or 2D to partake in this class. As it will be taught again in class.


In order to show that AP Statistics is valuable. I interviewed a couple of students that were in my class and my teacher. The first student I interviewed that was ready to answer a few questions regarding AP Statistics was Thomas Tasma.

    The first question I asked him was, ”Are you glad taking AP Statistics and would you care to elaborate?”

    He replied, ”Yes, I am glad that I’m taking AP Statistics this year. It is a useful skill to have and hopefully earn some college credit.”

     I asked him another question, ”What was one favorite thing you could say about the class?”

    He answered with, ”The one thing that I enjoy about going to the class is that Mrs.Clement teaches it.”

As you can see, Thomas Tasma is content with AP Statistics. He enjoys going to class and earning college credit during his senior year. He believes that having the ability to interpret data is a useful skill to have. If you need more reasons(s) to convince that AP Statistics is worth it. I decided to interview two other students and a teacher who teaches the subject.

Basic statistics review.

The other student I interviewed was Stefan Likic. Similar to the previous interview, I ask some questions surrounding his experience in AP Statistics.

    The starting question was, ”Do you recommend taking AP Statistics?”

    He replied the question with a yes. I asked if he was content with taking the class after his recommendation.

    He explained to me, ”Taking AP Statistics was ultimately a good decision because the teacher (Mrs.Clement) will help you understand a particular subject if you have trouble. Not only does the teacher help, but also classmates. I’m happy to be in a class where people help each other out in AP Stats.”

Again, another student was happy with his decision to attend this class. Although his reason is different than Thomas’s, the claim that AP Statistics is great is still valid.

Another normal day.

The last student I talked to regarding the class is none other than Tim Nguyen.

     The first question I ask was, “What things do you want to change about the class that would benefit the class?”

    He responded with, ”I have no idea what I want to change about the class, it is fine as it is.”

    Another question was, “What is the one thing that you enjoyed about taking the class?”

    He said, ”I like that we have a reasonable amount of time to review before we take the test. That was really helpful.”

This is all of the students that answered the questions I have. Each of the students has their own reasons for enjoying the class, but the fact still remains. That AP Statistics is a worthwhile AP class to take.


After interviewing the students that were in the class. I decided that it would be worthwhile to support my claim by interviewing a teacher who teaches the subject. I interviewed Mrs.Clement on her opinion on taking AP Statistics.

    The first question I asked her was, ”How difficult do you think this is for students taking AP Statistics?”

    She replied with, ”It depends on the student. I think it is moderately difficult for the majority of students, but attending class every day helps.”

    The second question I gave to her was, ”What was one favorite thing you could say about AP Statistics?”

    She answered, ”I like that I can apply mathematics to real life, but I can also say that the students that take this class are great.”

Even the teacher thinks that many students can apply statistical skills. She continues to encourage other students to do so. This gives you an indication that this class is worth the risk.

Everyone at work!

After you read to what other students and a teacher have to say about participating in AP Statistics with either Mrs.Clement or Mr.Groothuis (both are renown by many students). I hope it will convince you to take this class. Sure, the amount of work may be a deal breaker to some, but the work given in that class is comparable with the number of work you get in Algebra 2. Many students recommend taking this class as mentioned above. This will help ease into taking more AP classes in the future and with an added bonus of college credit!

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