Jenison High School prepares for Snowcoming week

Amanda John, Staff Writer

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The students at Jenison High school are preparing for Snowcoming week, February 5th through the 9th, with the dance scheduled to take place Saturday, February 10 at the Jenison High School from 8 pm to 11 pm. Tickets will be sold for 10 dollars at the cafeteria entrance.

The week prior to Snowcoming (the 5th through the 9th) is spirit week, a chance for students and teachers to dress in a fun way. The days are currently still undetermined but it is likely that Friday the 9th will be “pink out” colors. Senior Amanda John said that she likes to get into the Snowcoming spirit by participating in Spirit Week.

The week will also provide students with the opportunity to earn “Pride Points” for their class. At Jenison High, the students have the chance to earn “Pride points” by participating in assemblies, dressing up for spirit days and other various activities during the school year. Each student that dresses up during the week earns one point for their class. According to Lindsey Fredrick, Jenison senior, she enjoys “the opportunity to earn points for her class.” Whichever class with the most “Pride Points” earns a “Pride Party” at the end of the year, which motivates the students to earn points for their class while having fun and getting into the Somecoming spirit.

The week will be organized by Jenison teacher, Mrs. Mossberger, with help from the student council. Students will be informed of what each days theme will be via flyers around the school as well as announcements every morning of that week. As the dance approaches, many students are waiting in anticipation for Saturday the 10th.

“I’m excited about Snowcoming,” said Senior Olivia Cotto “I like to get ready for the dance with my friends.”

Jenison High School prepares for Snowcoming week