The Perfect Ending

Jayce Eckert, Staff Writer

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Pitch Perfect 3 was a very well put together movie. It was the last of the films but it ended with a bang. The characters start with having a reunion, in which they thought they would be singing again. It turns out one of the Bella’s had just invited them to see each other again. They then end up in a competition to sing for the troops at different locations that the troops are deployed at. The group who wins the competition gets to work with the one and only Dj Khaled. The catch to it is they are the only acapella group competing. While doing these events, Fat Amy is reunited with her dad. He says he just missed her and wanted to be with her again. It turns out he just wants money that was left over from Amy’s mom. To get Amy to give him the money, he kidnaps the Bellas, then Amy ends up rescuing them.

Pitch Perfect 3 was great movie, it had multiple movie themes put into one. A perfect amount of comedy, action, and musical. It gives the audience a good laugh while being serious and sounding great to your ears. Pitch Perfect 3 was a rollercoaster ride in how this all went down. There was music and singing while they are going from country to country, base to base. Then Amy’s dad gets introduced and they have to deal with him just trying to get Amy’s money.

I would recommend Pitch Perfect 3 for ages 15 and up because, while it is a great humorous film, it gets a little sexual. The language is also a little strong, so that would be something to keep in mind when debating on going to see the film. Otherwise Pitch Perfect 3 is a great movie for anyone. It keeps you tied in throughout the film because when you think it’s just going to be another movie of the Bella’s just competining, then Amy’s dad comes along and the Bella’s have that extra aspect they have to deal with.

Overall Pitch Perfect 3 was a great film. I would highly recommend it. If you have kept up with the first two films you will absolutely love the third movie. It was a great way to end the films.

The Perfect Ending